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  1. skiptowncat

    S6 tuning options

    Hi, Considering selling my S4 and buying the S6. I was just wondering what tuning options there are knocking about and what sort of power should I be looking at?
  2. skiptowncat

    Help Please Adaptive lights problem

    Just been for a drive and when I went to park the car up, I noticed that the headlights were moving around. Looking at the lights themselves you can see them moving up and down randomly....quite disturbing really! Where to start?
  3. skiptowncat

    Gearbox finally gave up

    Got an error code "torque restriction due to clutch temperature" Tried clearing it and redoing the adaptations but no joy. It just keeps flashing up with the code and I can't go over 25mph. It will then go and everything is back to normal. Happens about every 20-30 seconds. Time to look down...
  4. skiptowncat

    I miss my car!!

    went in on Thursday for pcv and thermostat replacement. One of the breather pipes was found to be split and needed a new set of injector seals which have to come from Germany. Arriving Wednesday "probably"
  5. skiptowncat

    Flat bottom wheel... Might pull the trigger on one of these, very cheap though.
  6. skiptowncat

    Dual pulley setup

    Good news, MRC are working on a dual pulley set up for the V6T engine. Looking promising so far
  7. skiptowncat

    Very interesting!!

    I wonder how much this will cost
  8. skiptowncat

    Expensive day!!

    2 tyres ordered, tail light, new pcv and thermostat plus the tools required to carry out the job. Come home to a nice bill for a roof repair, just below the excess for my insurance...the missus is getting sod all for Christmas this year!!
  9. skiptowncat

    Supercharger upgrade!!

  10. skiptowncat

    It's coming together!!

    Should look good with a scorpion exhaust
  11. skiptowncat

    Occasional dsg clunk

    I've been having intermittent clunks during gear changes and have narrowed it down to only happening when I'm off throttle. If I'm on the accelerator it will change extremely smooth. If I accelerate then let off it wil clunk into the next gear up. Does anyone else have the same, I'm hoping...
  12. skiptowncat

    New light cluster required?

    Just noticed 4 bulbs out on the passenger side inner light cluster. Searching round the Internet and it looks like they can't be replaced...what a rip!!
  13. skiptowncat

    S4 brakes

    Anyone know the best place to buy replacement pads and disks? Or any aftermarket upgrades (not expensive bbk)
  14. skiptowncat

    A few mods done...

    Fitted the S4 grille, eibach arb's, forge charge cooler and a a cheeky dyno run.
  15. skiptowncat

    For S-Tronic owners

    These look decent, free delivery as well.
  16. skiptowncat

    Exhaust decisions

    looking at getting an exhaust for the S4, can't decide between resonated miltek, scorpion or go custom from exhausts uk. I have s-tronic so I don't want any drone at low revs, does anyone have any experience with these on this platform?
  17. skiptowncat

    Bricked MMI 3G

    anyone here do un-bricking, there are guides online but they're way over my head.
  18. skiptowncat

    MMI update help

    I'm struggling to update my mmi 3G, I have tried the k0257 amongst others but I can't get my unit to recognise the updates. It just searches for a bit and then says it's not available. This is currently what's on there
  19. skiptowncat


    Does any idea what the standard 19" seven (double) spoke alloys would be worth? I'm considering getting new alloys and have can't find any similar online to get a gauge for the value.
  20. skiptowncat

    Clicking noise during hard cornering

    Anyone with a S4 with sports diff experience some clicking when driving it right on the limits of grip? I presume it's just the diff working, but is it normal?