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  1. JG51 AUD

    Wanted A4 B8 Drivers Front Only - Rubber Mat

    FYI An A5 one will also fit your b8 A4. JG
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    A5/S5/RS5 for sale/wanted/ebay links

  3. JG51 AUD

    Gift ideas for a new RS6 Owner

    Audi seat emblem decals, Etsy UK Audi tyre valve covers, eBay ect. Audi RS keyring, eBay, Etsy, Amazon. Speed Camera detector :busted cop: JG
  4. JG51 AUD

    S5 Mirrors not folding via switch inside car

    If you bought it from a Garage/Dealer, take it back and get them to sort it. JG
  5. JG51 AUD

    New member with a soon to be S5

    :welcome!: JG
  6. JG51 AUD

    **URGENT**Autowatch Immobiliser - Any Professional dealers/installers here?

    Procarkits Mark - 07867557765, he's an authorised dealer/fitter for AWG in and around Central Scotland. JG
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    Good detailer in glasgow

    One of the best :thumbs up: JG
  8. JG51 AUD

    Good detailer in glasgow

    Defined Details, Cambuslang. JG
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    Post your B8 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    Genuine Black Edition Plus Alloys, 9j x19, et 33 with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s Tyres (4mm+) 255/35/19 £900 ovno JG
  10. JG51 AUD

    Sold A5/S5 - Genuine Black Edition Plus 19" Alloys & Tyres

    Pictures of Alloys for sale. £900 ovno JG
  11. JG51 AUD

    Sold A5/S5 - Genuine Black Edition Plus 19" Alloys & Tyres

    Fancied a change, so these are up for grabs, very sought after wheels, suit A5 & S5, although will fit other Audi models, A4/S4, etc. Wheels are 9j x 19, et33, no buckles or welds. some minor stone chips that have been touched up, no kerbing though. Tyres - Michelin Pilot Sport 4s, all have...
  12. JG51 AUD

    Folding mirrors

    Suggest you post the question in the relevant section for your car, I doubt your car will have the motors already built into your mirrors, more likely you'll need to buy a set of Folding mirrors and get them retro fitted. JG
  13. JG51 AUD

    Folding mirrors

    Hi Johnnyrp3, :sign welcome: What car have you got? This may help you get an answer to your question. JG
  14. JG51 AUD

    Audi Service

    Road trip to DH Automotive in Falkirk, Dave's your man. JG
  15. JG51 AUD

    A5 3.0 TDI with an unsolved mystery, desperately looking for help

    Surely someone can help, to good a car to scrap. Good luck getting it sorted, keep us updated. JG
  16. JG51 AUD

    Audi S4 B8 Shifting problems

    Go visit Dave Henderson @dhautomotive, he'll sort you out. JG