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  1. g60leigh

    Desperation time.

    I've had a major engine rebuild and a few hurdles along the way. But hitting these problems at end of the journey and not able to get past them. Continuously getting the following fault codes. 17748 Fault Description- Camshaft position (CMP) sensor 1, bank 1/crankshaft position (CKP) sensor...
  2. g60leigh

    Wiring help - reverse gear signal / feed

    Wiring guru's - Where is best place to pick up a signal/feed for reverse gear / lights around the dash area? (2001 S3) I've changed stereo and this one comes with reverse camera. Normally I wouldn't bother fitting one to a small car, but I've a worsening back condition so the possibility of...
  3. g60leigh

    RRNS-E Problem- No satellites signal and it's not the antennae?

    Desperate for some help. PLEASE. I have a mk1 RNS-E that is working fine except for the GPS signal. It won't detect any satellites at all. I have tried 3 different antenna and tried the antenna on a different unit so I know that the antenna works. Can anyone help please
  4. g60leigh

    Best option for s3 suspension

    I know this has been looked at and discount the past. But all the information is pretty dated. Like all things in the tuning world, companies make improvements to their products etc. I'm looking at changing my coil overs soon and want opinions on what currently the best out there (within...
  5. g60leigh

    Andy Mac Stealth Sub - Amp options.

    I have acquired myself an AMSS and getting prepped to install The original recommended amp in the instructions is pretty thin on the ground now 300w RMS Can anyone using one of the sub set ups, please recommend a quality amp to use with it that is more readily available [emoji3]
  6. g60leigh

    Fitting AFR Gauge to a AMK

    Had a good search on here but can't find anything definitive. Looking at fitting an innovative AFR gauge kit to my AMK S3. I know mine is wideband and has 2 lambda sensors fitted. What should I do about fitting one for this. 1: should I just link off one of the current ones and not...
  7. g60leigh

    Steering wheel airbag delete resistor.

    Has anyone here removed the standard steering wheel and used a resistor to remove the airbag light and error code? If so, what resistor did you use please? Or is anyone able to measure the resistance of an oem airbag for me?? Thanks.
  8. g60leigh

    Are these pistons reusable

    Looking at these JE 83mm pistons in the classifieds as damage been found to mine and need some ASAP. The seller has pointed out the rubbing on the skirts. Is there any reason that these shouldn't be used again? Thank you.
  9. g60leigh

    g60leigh build thread. it's gonna get messy

    I have been a member of the forum for a while now, but spent most of my time reading others builds and asking for help and info, I have added a few posts on my projects in the past but nothing to major I have been meaning to create a build thread for a little while but my personal build has...
  10. g60leigh

    Modified headlight switch 8P chrome into 8L switch

    I spotted a switch for sale a while ago which was an A3 switch but had the newer 8P chrome knob modded onto it. Can't find the add anymore so I've bought a 8P switch to use and mod. Can anyone give me any pointers on how this was originally done? I can't see any obvious way of doing it (yet)
  11. g60leigh

    Fuel pressure gauge installation.

    I'm wanting to test my fuel pressure ready for further mods. I'm looking at getting an inline fuel pressure gauge. Can anyone suggest the best location to install it. I'm guessing its just a case of cutting the fuel flexi line adding the brass t-piece with good quality jubilee clips and...
  12. g60leigh

    R-Tech stage 2 plus. Is my car ready?

    Once I get my clutch replaced I'm looking for a custom map. Been in touch with r-tech and I think I'm close to the spec needed for the stage 2 plus. My two worry areas are. 1 Bar plus actuator needed - I'm running standard K04 actuator which comfortably holds over one Barr. Is this...
  13. g60leigh

    S3 (AMK) clutch kit suggestions.

    Can anyone please recommend a good kit to replace my clutch (and I guess flywheel too) Would like something updated but not necessarily too extreme. The car is a daily driver but want to slightly future proof it.
  14. g60leigh

    Oil pump change.

    When changing the oil pump (just from maintenance point of view. No sign of failure) do you change the chain and tensioner too?
  15. g60leigh

    Which brand water pump.

    Its cam belt time do obviously changing water pump at same time. I understand that I need the plastic impeller bladed one. But can anyone tell me which brand. Would like to get oem quality part but avoid paying the dealership tax on it.
  16. g60leigh

    Maximum thickness discs in LCR brembo.

    Looking at a set of new brake discs for my LCR brembo set up. Found some 33mm thick. Does anyone know if these are useable? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  17. g60leigh

    Wiring help with switched live feed.

    I need to find a 12v switched live feed for my AEM Boost gauge. It needs to be live on ignition lights and stay live constantly when engine turned over and running. Anyone had to locate one before and can point me to one. Thanks
  18. g60leigh

    RNS - D no longer switching off when key removed.

    I have been fitting the connection from the TMC to the instrument cluster to allow it to display the radio station / cd info. But for some reason the head unit no longer powers off when the ignition is turned off. Does anyone know of this is something I have done wrong whilst coding the...
  19. g60leigh

    Bearing or drive shaft?

    Bit of help please guys (and girls) After driving fairly hard tonight (Drag racing a marked police car from the lights) I have a rumble sound when doing low speeds. This sound changes slightly as I turn. I have had a quick grope under the car. (Have a better look tomorrow) had a feel of the...
  20. g60leigh

    Weak Horn

    My horn has become really weedy and slightly asthmatic. I know from doing the FMIC that the OE installation uses two horns. It sounds like one has died but as I have no idea which one and dont want to strip bumper off just to find out. Can anyone recommend a good aftermarket horn. one that is...