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  1. klauster

    B&O Speakers and larger/deeper adjustable boot?

    Hi All, Looking to buy a new A3 3 door in the next few weeks. I want the uprated B&O audio system but don't want it if I will lose the adjustable larger boot space. Not specing quattro either. Can anyone confirm if they have the B&O system and still have the deeper boot capacity? Many thanks...
  2. klauster

    Brake squeal on revised version

    Anyone got anywhere with this? Mines in with Audi at the moment and I am hoping they can do something as its as bad as the first version of brakes now
  3. klauster

    John why are you selling your wing mirrors....

    Found this on ebay John, have a word :) AUDI RS3 COMPLETE METAL WING MIRRORS **GENUINE AUDI PARTS** **RRP1100** | eBay
  4. klauster

    Some RS3 interior upgrades... done

    For me the RS3 needed a few little tweaks to make the interior that much nicer and to feel a bit more special... So I have made a few changes... Comments welcome First some carbon fibre Then a little more leather Then a bit more leather Feels that little bit sexier now :beerchug:
  5. klauster

    RS3 + G-Techniq Exo Application

    Here are a few of my car after a detail and G-Techniq Exo application, done while I was on holiday:
  6. klauster

    While I sit here in Majorca

    I can't wait to get the RS3 back from a full week of detailing and Gtechniq treatment :) I have a nice drive planned for Sunday.... Weather should be good for it :)
  7. klauster

    Fed up waiting for you lot....

    Remap is booked in :faint:
  8. klauster

    Another alloy wheel question... sorry

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but..... Would 8.5J 19'' ET42 Alloys fit the RS3.... maybe with spacers?
  9. klauster

    Spotted Daytona RS3 in North Leeds yesterday

    It was parked outside Gusto.... anyone on here?
  10. klauster

    How to fit exhaust tips?

    Any help would be appreciated :)
  11. klauster

    Who else has liked the Facebook RS3 page?

    My car is all over it :)
  12. klauster

    Another Alloy wheel question... sorry

    Can I just check. For those with standard and uprated alloy wheel option on the RS3... What size are your alloys? Are standard alloys on the RS3 19'' 8.0J all round? Are the upgraded alloys 8.5J all round or just the front? Looking to change my alloys and need to check before I make a...
  13. klauster

    RS3 aluminium mesh and black optic surround....

    I am referring to the silver mesh with the black optic grille surround.... Does anyone think these are worth anything either sold together or seperate? I'm thinking of selling them but its not worth it if I end up giving them away.... Thoughts welcome :)
  14. klauster

    How to launch control properly...?

    Now the car is run in properly I'd like to start using this function :) whats the correct sequence to get the biggest buzz and fastest times? :)
  15. klauster

    Anyone else noticed soft paint

    Just washed my car to find the mother of all stone chips on the bonnet :( i will have to get it sorted out as it will do my head in :(
  16. klauster

    Cheap RS3 tyres in the classifieds

    Might be a good buy for one of you
  17. klauster

    Retrofitting interior light pack

    Anyone know if this can be done on an RS3? Looking for someone to do it for and pay obviously... any help would be appreciated
  18. klauster

    Few pics of my 5+ year old 80k RS4 B7

    Don't think it looks bad :)
  19. klauster

    Anyone with VAG.COM in Leeds area?

    Need to clear an air bag fault after playing about with my seats, will travel and pay £20 for the trouble
  20. klauster

    Quote request - RS4 2006 Front Disks

    Can you get a price for a pair of front disks please? Cheers Nick