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    SQ5 67 plate brake servo replacement

    My 2018 SQ5 had the same issue. Replacement/modified brake servo was fitted under warranty. Although you are out of warranty I’d push for goodwill from Audi as this is a safety issue.
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    SQ5 Decent Insurance prices uk

    Have you got more than one car in your household? If so then try a multicar quote as it might work out cheaper? It did for me as My SQ5 and the wife's A1 are on a multicar policy with Admiral.
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    Q5 Bang and Olufsen retrofit

    Unlikely it will be plug n play. You’ll need all the specific wiring to make the B&O system work. Maybe cheaper/better to go aftermarket?
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    Q5 Q5 rear wiper judder

    Change the wiper blade. The rear wiper on my SQ5 did the same until I swapped the blade for a new one.
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    SQ5 One to avoid

    How would Audi sell that as approved used? Ah its unrecorded so wouldn't show up on any register?
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    SQ5 SQ5 FY (2018) - weak air con

    Audi main dealer tried topping up the air con refrigerant and leaks immediately. Suspect condensor is damaged by a stone? Good news is that air con issued is to be fixed under warranty.
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    SQ5 Audi SQ5 Issues 2020 model

    I have a 2018 SQ5 tfsi (I've owned it since it was 9 months old and its coming to 3 years old now) and have had the following recalls/warranty work done: 1. Extra clips fitted to the rear arches as they could have come loose when driving at high speeds - recall 66k8 2. Brake pedal clicking -...
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    SQ5 SQ5 Panaramic roof issues

    I was thinking about selling my non panroof SQ5 2018 model and spoke to a few Audi dealers. They told me my car is less desirable (a.k.a harder to sell) and made low offers on my car as it doesn't have the pan roof. After reading comments here about pan roof rattles I'm glad mine doesn't have one!
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    SQ5 SQ5 FY (2018) - weak air con

    Since its been hot over the last week or so I noticed that my air con isn't ice cold. The car went into Audi a few weeks ago for a service and I paid extra for an air con service which was all good, but like I said the air con isn't ice cold anymore. Any idea what's going on? Air con needs...
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    SQ5 SQ5 vs X3 M40d

    I test drove a X3 M40i before settling on my SQ5 tfsi (both 2018 cars). TBH I found the SQ5 a better drive and the interior is much better on the SQ5.
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    SQ5 Recall '91Y7 - S-Activating LTE Compensor'

    Interesting, can't see anything when I check myAudi app about this? Mines a 2018 SQ5 too.
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    SQ5 SQ5 white vs. SQ5 Sportback ultra blue

    I'd go for the normal SQ5 (estate). Not a fan of the SportBack tbh.
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    Q7 SQ7 discs and pads

    As part of the sale can you not negotiate that the discs and pads are changed at cost to the Audi dealer prior to purchase? Which discs have quite a lip? Fronts I'm assuming? If its juddering then I'm surprised the car has passed Audi's AUC checks? I wouldn't have thought swapping discs and...
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    SQ5 SQ5 oil change costs

    Yes, Yorkshire based and Audi York (jct600 franchise) will be doing the work. York Audi did last years service undercutting the local Sytner franchise by £200. Can only comment from the servicing POV, had a positive experience. In fact I might buy my next Audi from a jct600 garage.
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    SQ5 SQ5 oil change costs

    My 2018 petrol SQ5 wants an oil change in the next 30 days. Rang round the dealers and got quotes ranging from £370 to £241. Again, same experience as last year Sytners seem to be rip off merchants where as JCT600 are far more reasonable. (Yes I know independant will be even cheaper). Pays to...
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    SQ5 Seat Cover

    How about a seat cover that mechanics use? Like a snap-on seat cover. Guess you only need a cover for temporary use?
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    SQ5 Engine ticking SQ5

    I've got a 2018 SQ5 petrol and the injectors are rather loud. Nothing to worry about.
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    SQ5 Engine ticking SQ5

    Its probably the high pressure injectors, they can be loud
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    SQ5 Facelift SQ5 Arriving Next Week.

    Congrats fella, I have a 2018 SQ5 (petrol), I'm sure you'll enjoy the facelift version! Can you share details of the deal you've got? Interesting to know what sort of £££ they doing on the facelift SQ5's as I might consider upgrading
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    SQ5 Corrosion recall "product improvement" 2018 SQ5 UK

    So the car is back from the local Audi dealer and Audi UK have told all their dealers to apply the corrosion fix (under seal and covers) regardless of if the car is showing signs of corrosion or not, so that’s what they’ve done - mine wasn’t showing any signs of corrosion. Oh the free health...