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  1. ajax1976

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    I use a very small gas torch to heat the fitting up and burn back some of the plastic coating off the pipe, works a treat everytime.
  2. ajax1976

    S4 onto A4 rear brake upgrade.

    If you're not changing the carrier does the pad not sit in exactly the same place so actually there's no actually performance gain or are the pads wider to reach the outer edge of the disc?
  3. ajax1976

    B7 cab diffusor/valance on avant?

    Doesn't fit, The B7 cab rear bumper is the same as was fitted to the B6 cab so not compatible with the B7 avants/saloons.
  4. ajax1976

    Post your A6/S6. C7 Chassis Ebay, Classified and For Sale Links in here. 3.0 TDI Coolant Valve
  5. ajax1976

    A6 Allroad -18 Wheelsize?

    You should be able to measure and compare it off your own car with a plumb line from the inner edge of the trim. The wheel will move slightly in at the top as it travels upwards so you've got a small safety factor with that.
  6. ajax1976

    A6 Allroad -18 Wheelsize?

    Normal day to day driving you'll be fine, It's only when I'm in individual mode that it might have been an issue, if I've got 2 bars or more on the screen it's fine.
  7. ajax1976

    A6 Allroad -18 Wheelsize?

    I think it has less, I can only assume they're trimming the plastics. I'm pretty sure it's still just an A6 with the same metal arch under the plastic trims. You can see in the picture where I trimmed mine back and I've still got 5mm overlap of plastic left back to the metal arch. Without...
  8. ajax1976

    Coolant leaking

    Thanks mate, I'll probably take a punt and order up the valve and seals before going for it. The garage I was going to take it to had mentioned "a plastic valve" that had cracked on previous cars.
  9. ajax1976

    A6 Allroad -18 Wheelsize?

    The specs in the picture is my set up, just so I could compare to the size you're thinking about. I lowered by 17mm, I never actually had it rubbing but could see it would have if the wheel had traveled up enough. I use my car offroad a bit so decided just to trim the plastic, no one see's it...
  10. ajax1976

    Coolant leaking

    Thanks for the pictures. Mine has been slowly leaking for about 2 months now. I added UV dye into mine, Its not coming from the WP so assuming its in the "V" same as everybody else. I did have it booked in to a local garage unfortunately they closed due to Covid, I'm slowly building up the...
  11. ajax1976

    A6 Allroad -18 Wheelsize?

    I think you might have a slight issue on the rears. I've lowered my Allroad a tad and run stock 20" wheels(8.5 et43) with 10mm spacers and I had to trim the arch trims slightly, you may get away with it if you're stock height. An online calculator puts your tyre in about the same location so you...
  12. ajax1976

    Airtec FMIC's.

    As Sidrick eluded to, I’m sure most people, myself included would assume that priorities have to be made and exercise a level of understanding and expect delays. Try going direct,, he’s expecting your email.
  13. ajax1976

    Airtec FMIC's.

    They are surviving by operating on minimum staff so they can maintain social distancing within the work place. If it was my my company what would I concentrate my staff on? Fulfilling orders to keep up with demand and keep a steady cash flow coming in or sitting replying to emails in the off...
  14. ajax1976

    Airtec FMIC's.

    WOW!! Not very often I get angry but from what I've just read I'm not actually sure you do "appreciate" how difficult times are for some. People are dying, struggling to feed their families, loosing jobs and that's just scratching the surface of the problems many are having to endure. Not...
  15. ajax1976

    Bike Rack recommendations please

    Thule Wingbar Edge and prorides for me, I leave the wingbars on all the time and have no noise at all from them. I do get a bit of noise when the bikes on but you can only hear it when the window's open.
  16. ajax1976

    Wheel bolts

    Are you sure the wheels are 112 pcd? As far as I'm aware all 5x112 cars are M14 where as Japanese cars I think are 5x114 with M12?
  17. ajax1976

    Engine parts schematic

    I use and for most bits I'm looking for
  18. ajax1976

    AJ's Allroad

    No real issues at all, haven’t managed to ground it yet and wheels still clear the arches(spacers fitted too). I visit farms etc quite a lot with my work and I still have enough height when I raise it to keep out of trouble. The higher bumpers on the allroad definitely help, there’s been times...
  19. ajax1976

    Wheel arch rolling, what it's all about .

    Unless it’s quite a bit of centre the wheel alignment won’t necessarily show up subframe issues so I would base too much on that, I would think the camber adjustment etc could easy cover up an imbalance between side.
  20. ajax1976

    Wheel arch rolling, what it's all about .

    I’m pretty sure the rears are totally different to the fronts, almost rolled from the factory although it’s been a few years since I’ve seen B7 ones tho. That said you may still get a few mm’s if you roll straight on the o/s edge of the arch. That I can’t tell you, I think it will be very hard...