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  1. Paullie

    DIY: Changing/Conversion HID D3S Bulbs on Audi A3 2010 w/ DRL Bi-Xenon Headlamps

    I haven't managed to locate any UK stockists as of yet. I know The Retrofit Source in the US has them in stock for $260 per pair. Will update as soon as I hear anything else, folks. :wub: Paula xx
  2. Paullie

    DIY: Changing/Conversion HID D3S Bulbs on Audi A3 2010 w/ DRL Bi-Xenon Headlamps

    Hi guys, I just received an email from Osram UK, confirming that these D3S CBI's will be available on the UK market within the next couple of weeks. Here's the reply I was sent. :wub: Paula xx Good morning Paula Thank you for your web message. I can confirm that development of our D3S...
  3. Paullie

    R8 Brakes, which disks?

    PM sent, Buddy. :)
  4. Paullie

    R8 Brakes, which disks?

    The brake guru is Daveb1970. He sorted me out with a set of AP Racing 362mm x 32mm discs and fitting kit for my R8 brakes, which is the caliper carriers and associated bolts. In reality you'd be lucky to get away with them under 18's, but it's possible and they would need to have a pretty low...
  5. Paullie

    - SDUK photography and photoshop

    Sammy's a really sound lad and an extremely gifted photographer and fellow Audi fan. I have known him since way back when I was a VXR owner. Some of his work is breathtaking. Paula :wub: xx
  6. Paullie

    Forge Twin take fitting guide-S3?

    Here's a link to the fitting instructions for the Forge Twintake FMIND12E kit for the S3. Hope this helps, Paula xx :wub: EDIT - Direct from the fitting instructions - The side duct is secured using the two T30 Torx screws that secure the...
  7. Paullie

    DIY: Changing/Conversion HID D3S Bulbs on Audi A3 2010 w/ DRL Bi-Xenon Headlamps

    I certainly will do Matey, no probs! Will PM you as soon as I've managed to source them. I've noticed a seller on Amazon UK offering for sale what they 'say' are these D3S CBI's for £85 per pair, but I suspect they are fakes, as they have been listing them since January and Osram hadn't even...
  8. Paullie

    will these fit

    /\ This. I ran 18"x 8J BBS CK's with 225/40/18's and the offset was only 1mm lower at ET44 (lowered on H&R's) and it used to rub every time I hit a little dip in the road or cornered the slightest bit hard. Yes ET35 may well 'just' fit, but it depends on whether you actually want to be able to...
  9. Paullie

    DIY: Changing/Conversion HID D3S Bulbs on Audi A3 2010 w/ DRL Bi-Xenon Headlamps

    No worries, Bud. I thought you of all people would like to hear this, hence posting it here! I've just bought the Philips XV's for the new Black Edition lights on my Evoque, so won't be swapping them out for CBI's, but if i had known about this a couple of weeks ago, I'd definitely have held off...
  10. Paullie

    DIY: Changing/Conversion HID D3S Bulbs on Audi A3 2010 w/ DRL Bi-Xenon Headlamps

    Just an FYI guys, I was reading on a German forum today (Motortalk.De) that in the next few weeks OSRAM will be producing a Xenarc 5000K CBI (Cool Blue Intense 66340CBI) bulb in both D3S and D4S applications. The news came from the Automotive Lighting Quality Manager at Osram. I doubt they will...
  11. Paullie

    Manual headlight adjustment

    It's good you got your lights to a suitable height, whereby you can see well down the road without dazzling oncoming drivers or people driving their car directly in front of you. If no one is flashing at you and you can see the road well into the distance, then to be honest I wouldn't bother...
  12. Paullie

    My 2010 S3 Sportback Black Edition Progress Thread!

    What a stunner, Murray! Absolutely love what you've done. With Eibach fronts and some FSD's on there and the ride will be tremendous! Beautiful, beautiful car! :wub: Paula xx
  13. Paullie

    Imola Yellow Audi S3 - APR - TTE420 - Audi Tuner Featured April '16

    Gorgeous S3, Dude! The colour looks SO good when it's had a few coats of a decent wax. I stored up on Dodo Juice Banana Armour when I had mine to ensure it looked its best. Loving your mods. Team Imola!!! :wub: Paula xx
  14. Paullie

    Philips Diamond Vision or new Ring Xenon Ultima +120%

    They will be just fine for dipped beams, Tom. No more nasty yellow light. It is hard once you've been used to having Xenons to then be without, but these are probably your best bet for the lights on your smart new A4! :wub: xx Hi Warren! Long time no see indeedy, lol! I'm doing well thanks...
  15. Paullie

    Manual headlight adjustment

    One is definitely up and down and the other is left to right. All headlights have the ability to be adjusted manually in this way. Best thing to do is wait until it is starting to get dark (not fully dark as you won't be able to see what you're doing in the engine bay, lol)and park your car a...
  16. Paullie

    Philips Diamond Vision or new Ring Xenon Ultima +120%

    Hi Tom, sorry but I swapped the car about a year ago now, but I believe the new owner who is a member on here is still using them without any problems. They really are a fab match for Xenons colour wise and the output is pretty good too. I also think the price is dropping a bit too. :wub: Paula xx
  17. Paullie

    SRI rest

    Hiya Ilim! Here is the exact VCDS procedure for resetting the service light on MY10 onwards 8P3's. I gave the same instructions to Mark the other day and it worked for his S3. :wub: Paula xx. 1) Open VCDS application and connect to vehicle 2) Switch ignition on 3) Click Address 17 INSTRUMENTS...
  18. Paullie

    New S3 Seapang BlueXXXXX

    Beautiful car! That colour is just amazing and SO glad to hear you got this after the stress of the first one. :wub: Paula xx
  19. Paullie

    S3 service light reset

    Aww, and you is a darlin'!! Thank you, Sweetie. One of these days when you're up this way again, we'll meet up for sure! :wub: xx