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    What does your car history look like?

    With all the chat of new cars, new models etc I was just thinking what everyones car history looks like. @jassyo06 @Snake Pliskin @Jcbmally @pburv I'll kick things off with mine. 1. Vauxhall Cavalier SRI 130 (This was my Granda's car, be was a big Vauxhall fan and this is what I learnt to...
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    Audi S3 PFL vs Mercedes A35 AMG

    Hey all, Many of you know I recently changed my S3 and a few folks asked for my thoughts on the new car. Well I have had the car for 3 weeks now and passed the running in period a few days ago, so I have no had enough time to form an opinion and comparison to the S3. So here goes, of course...
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    Changing the S3....but to what?

    Hey all, So I will hit the 3 year mark with my S3 in April, I am currently stuck on what to change to. Looking at similar cars, the BMW M140i is out as I don’t like the look of it. Jumping up to an RS3 or M2 is not an option as they are beyond what I am willing to spend. I am test driving the...
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    S3 vs TT

    Hey all, I’ve always liked the current generation TT, in fact I did have one briefly (long story) before I bought my current S3. My S3 will be 3 years old in March and as always I am getting itchy feet to change it, I still really enjoy the car but it’s coming up on 40k miles and if I keep it...
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    Wind Noise From Drivers Side Window

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone who has this issue as successfully applied a fix themselves or via Audi, I get what I describe as excessive wind noise which is coming from somewhere around the drivers door and/or window and it is ruining my enjoyment of the car. I did take it back to Audi and...
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    Phone holders

    Hi all, Just wondering what phone holder or mounting options people have gone for, I did have a nice neat holder which fitted to the heater vent but it doesn't work with the circle style vents on the S3. I don't like putting the phone in the tray under the arm rest as I tend to forget about it...
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    Text messages with iPhone

    Hey all, I picked my S3 saloon on Friday and it's great, but I was just wondering if anyone has the text messages function working on their tech pack with an iPhone? I have tried setting it up but it doesn't seem to work, just wondering if this another thing Apple lock down and I am going to...
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    Show us Glacier White

    Following on from the Daytona and Sepang, I will (hopefully) be picking up my S3 saloon in glacier white towards the end of next month so I would like to see some of your best glacier white pictures to get me in the mood. Cheers
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    Top 5 or 10 VAGCOM options

    Hi all, With my car due to arrive in a couple of months I was just wondering if there was a "Top 5 or 10" options that owners recommend having enabled. Cheers, Chris
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    Cancelling an order

    Hi all, Can anyone advise what the situation is with cancelling and order, what legally are you responsible for? Basically am I in a situation were I have to take the car or is there a way out.
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    New Member and New Car

    Hello all, just introducing myself, after having a number of issues with it and ultimately deciding it was not suitable for my needs I have worked out a deal to hand back my new TT and replace it with a S3 saloon. As the spec I was after was not available in stock I have had to place an order...