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  1. willowsdad

    EPB Stuck on!!

    Is there any way to manually disengage my epb? It obviously needs to go to a garage to fix the issue, but I’d rather be able to drop it off rather than fork out for a low loader that would have to drag it off my drive with the epb still engaged.
  2. willowsdad

    Problem going into reverse when hot

    Hi all. I've got a 1.8t (190) manual 6 speed. When cold it's fine, but when it gets hot it seems to struggle to go in reverse a lot of the time. I've changed the gearbox oil today and it's no different. All other changes are smooth and good, so it seems to be just an issue with reverse. Any ideas?
  3. willowsdad

    DA pad for ceri-glass

    Hi Jen, as above really. I'm sorting out some shopping and I'm looking at the ceri-glass kit, I just want a pad to use with the da. I've got 5", 6", and I'm ordering a 3" backing plate, so ideally a smaller pad as I plan on doing all windows and my headlights. Oh and what sweet is iincluded this...
  4. willowsdad

    Nikon d5100

    My girlfriend loves taking pictures and IMO takes some pretty good shots with the point and shoot and her iPhone. So I've decided to get her a proper camera so she can take it a bit more seriously. I've found some good package deals with the Nikon d5100, but as I know next to nothing about...
  5. willowsdad

    Pipercross & cold air feed

    So I've had a pipercross panel filter and cold air feed I bought from eBay sat around for a few weeks, so I thought I best get on and fit it. I searched through a few threads to see what I was letting myself in for then got on with it. So to start off with I pulled the passenger fog light grill...
  6. willowsdad

    3.2 badge

    Morning. Can I have a price for a 3.2 badge for my a3 please? Thanks, Paul.
  7. willowsdad

    Congratulations chelsea

    I'm not a Chelsea fan, but I always support the English teams in Europe. Quote of the night from Ashley cole when told, 'the Germans don't lose on penalties.' 'they do now!' Now bring on the euros!
  8. willowsdad

    Changing rear seatbelts

    Does anyone know how difficult it is to change the rear seatbelts on a 3 door 8p1? Might need to change the colour on a new interior.
  9. willowsdad

    Interior retrim - kent

    Can anyone recommend a quality place to retrim my a3 sport seats? I've got half leather and half whitish colour cloth, and keeping it clean is beyond a joke. I'm torn between getting them retrimmed or just buying a new interior, and I want to shop around for some prices. The other half quite...
  10. willowsdad

    Audi driver - may edition

    Just been reading this months audi driver magazine, and just read the fantastic write up on Luke's a3. His car is amazing and whoever buys it is in for a treat. Audi-sport even gets a little mention, and the blame for starting his modding addiction. So this car is asn's fault, well done asn! And...
  11. willowsdad

    Groupon rally experience Essex.

    My other half has just booked me this. the deals still on if anyone's...
  12. willowsdad

    Shiny Colour coded callipers

    So rather than get bored today I thought I'd do something I've been meaning to do for a while and spray my grotty old callipers. So I woke up bright and early and took a trip to hellfrauds. I bought a wire brush, brake cleaner, some assorted wet and dry, and some very high temperature red paint...
  13. willowsdad

    3.2 v VXR

    I see loads of these threads pop up in the 8l section and they're always a good read, so thought I'd start one here. On Tuesday I had to pop to Maidstone Audi, and get robbed for a wheel nut key. On my way I see a nice shiny Arden blue Astra vxr, and I start to wonder how fast they are in the...
  14. willowsdad

    Understanding better halves

    Just thought I'd share what my darling girlfriend bought me for valentines. Maybe she is marriage material. A spot on detailing bag, and some chemical guys citrus shampoo (on special guidance from me). Now all I need is some time to put it to use.
  15. willowsdad

    Poorboys SSR 2.5

    Has anybody used this with a DA? Just looking about and getting ready for the spring clean. I've only got minor swirls to correct but being Audi the paint is rock solid. It sounds great and not too expensive either.
  16. willowsdad

    Pesky kids!

    Does anybody have any ideas on how to stop my car being scratched by kids cleaning the snow off to have snowball fights? Or even when I clear it myself. It's got a couple of coats of jetseal on for protection, but I don't fancy trying to buff scratches out from Parker zips and poppers on...
  17. willowsdad

    S3 8l - Brighton

    Spotted a black S3 W reg I think, cruising down western road in Brighton just before midnight. Looking nice and shiny.
  18. willowsdad

    Wheel nut key

    Went to take my wheels off and clean them at the weekend, but my locking nut key seems to have disappeared. It's obviously a bit irresponsible to drive around knowing i haven't got it, so what's the best, and cheapest course of action?
  19. willowsdad

    DIY detail on misano red A3

    So my snowfoam lance and jetseal 109 arrived midweek, so today I set a few hours aside to see what they could do and how the jetseal finish compared to my normal dodo juice banana armour. I didn't get any before photos cos i was a bit worried about finishing before it got dark and didn't want to...
  20. willowsdad

    Painting Callipers

    Right i've scoured old threads but can't find what i'm looking for. I've decided to paint my brake callipers red, and hammerite smooth looks ideal. But do i need to take them off to paint them, or can i just mask up and do them on the car? And anything i need to be careful of? Other paints may...