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  1. Kayobong

    S3 8P Best Intake

    So I am looking to upgrade the intake on my APR 2+ S3, I've recently purchased a Revo system but the fitment was off and I believe there must have been an error in the intake sent or tolerances with that particular kit. This has put me off of Revo as I didn't particularly feel like hacking down...
  2. Kayobong

    New Goodyear asymmetric 5’s weird wear?

    I’ve got some new tyres on my new S3 and they’re all marked 0721 so they’re basically new and the previous owner told me that he had all 4 done. Now the wear on the rears looks a bit odd. Can anyone confirm this as I’m used to Michelin so haven’t had much experience with these tyres. Thanks...
  3. Kayobong

    Rear wiper motor locking nuts help!

    I'm looking for the part number, dimensions or a link to the three nuts which hold the rear wiper motor in place for an 09 8P. I've searched far and wide and cannot seem to find the nuts I need. Help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Kayobong

    Wanted Audi S3 8P S-Tronic

    Looking for an Audi S3 FL as I miss my old one too much! Looking for a bit of a change though, really want the following spec: - Panoramic Sun Roof - RNS-E headunit - Bose Sound System - Cruise Control - Would love black & white or black & red seats. - Any colour except red, would quite like a...
  5. Kayobong

    Coolant temp not going above 60c even after sensor changed A4 B6 1.9 TDI PD130

    So I've replaced the coolant temperature sensor on my B6 A4 PD130 as the coolant temp was maxing out at about 60c. Even after changing the sensor the situation remains the same. Does anyone know what the next step would be? I'm thinking thermostat potentially, if so does anyone know if this is a...
  6. Kayobong

    Wanted Audi S5/RS5 B8/8T Flat Bottom Steering Wheel w/ Paddles

    Looking for a flat bottom steering wheel for my 2009 S5, needs to have the paddle shifters. I believe the part number is 8K0419091CK would ideally like an airbag with the wheel as searching seperately is a pain. Will upload a picture of the steering wheel I am talking about. Thanks
  7. Kayobong

    MMI 2G High AMI Bluetooth Adapter

    Hi again all, I'm looking for a bluetooth adapter for my AMI rather than connecting my phone with an ugly lead coming out from the glovebox. From what I can find, all of the AMI bluetooth adapters need external power as the 2G AMI doesn't have power. Because of this I will need to connect the...
  8. Kayobong

    Help with tyres on 20 inch wheels.

    Hello! So it's looking like my S5 will be needing some new tyres soon. I'm not very clued up on tyres and I am currently running the optional 20" alloys with an offset 0f 29 and a rim width of 9J, the tyres on the car are 265/30/ZR20. My question is will I be able to run bigger tyres on the car...
  9. Kayobong

    Kayobong's MY09 Audi S5 4.2 V8

    Today I purchased a car I never thought I would own. A 4.2L V8 Audi S5 Tiptronic. It is in exceptional condition and has been meticulously cared for by the previous owner. Having had a total of only 4 owners & 78,000 miles the car feels absolutely perfect and cannot fault any part of the driving...
  10. Kayobong

    Sold Audi S3 8P 57 REG

    Looking for a new home for my beloved S3! This car is in excellent condition, it is a completely standard S3. It has been excellently maintained. Just had the second scheduled cambelt and water pump service at 92k, haldex oil and filter at 92k. Brand new Michelin pilot sport 4's up front at...
  11. Kayobong

    RNS-E Upgrade Advice & Wireless Auxin

    So I've purchased a gloss black RNS-E from a RS3, from what I understand it should be plug and play, however, I don't have an aux port and ideally would like a wireless auxin but I'm not sure whether to buy an eBay special or invest in a better quality one as I have Bose speakers. Any links to...
  12. Kayobong

    Audi S3 v BMW M135i v AMG A35 - Drag Race

    Interesting to see how the Audi compares to it's main competitors. A little dissapointed that manual mode in the S3 doesn't actually mean manual.
  13. Kayobong

    For Sale Audi S3 18” Speedline Wheels 8P0 601 025 AJ

    Genuine Audi 18” Speedline wheels, they need a refurb as they’ve never been refurbished. There are no cracks or welds. Centre caps included if purchased for asking price. 8p0601025aj 5x112 et56 7.5j I’m based in Suffolk, just on the border to Essex. If you have any questions please ask.
  14. Kayobong

    Audi S3 8P 2007 Pink Xenon Bulb!

    Hi people, came out of work tonight, turned on the car and started driving home when one side of the road started looking suspiciously pink. When I arrived home, I got out to check the headlights to find that one of my bulbs has turned pink! I couldn't capture this on camera as it's difficult to...
  15. Kayobong

    Audi A3 8P 3dr rear light upgrade which bulbs needed?

    So I've purchsed a set of the MY11 FL rear lights for my PFL 3dr S3, looking around I can't really find out if all the bulbs are interchangeable. I will most likely buy a new set but I am unsure on which bulbs are needed and what brand of bulbs are the best ones to go for, I'm looking to get...
  16. Kayobong

    Audi S3 8P PFL Exhaust Tips

    I can't seem to find a thread on the 8P so I'll ask. Does anyone know if the exhaust tips are removable and if so what would the part number be for the S3 PFL as the tips are much more oval shaped than the regular A3 ones and I'd ideally like to replace mine. Cheers.
  17. Kayobong

    Steering wheel buttons chipped/peeling

    So the buttons on my steering wheel are starting to peel and although it’s only minor it really peeves me off, is there anything I can do to save the buttons or is it a case of new buttons? If so would anyone happen to know part numbers for the flat bottom steering wheel 8P buttons? Cheers...
  18. Kayobong

    Electric Folding Mirrors via Key

    I’ve searched the forum but cannot find a definitive answer, so I’ll ask. Is there any way to make my mirrors fold in via the key fob when locking the car? I have the electric folding door mirrors option on my car but they only fold in when the dial is turned to the fold position. Is it a...
  19. Kayobong

    New Audi A3 vs VW Golf vs BMW 1 Series vs Mercedes A Class

    Interesting video comparing the cars, I’m quite saddened by the interior of the A3 with a lot of scratchy plastics and hideous vent layout. What do the rest of you think? What car would you pick?
  20. Kayobong

    Help needed aftermarket head-unit causes Bose speakers to not work

    So I’ve purchased a Sony XAV-AX1000 and a kit from incartec which can be seen here: Upon installing I’ve found that no sound is coming from my speakers and the steering wheel controls aren’t working. I’ve contacted the tech support from I cartec and...