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  1. S3 chj

    Andy mac

    Anyone know how I can get hold of Andy mac I need a sub to go with my stealth s3 box.
  2. S3 chj

    Random wiper and indicator problems

    Electric gremlins, Audi s3 2001. My wipers and my indicators are randomly playing up, il be driving along and they will just stop I have checked the fuse and checked the connection plugs they all seem fine, other thing that plays up at the same time is my heaters, I turn them up full and...
  3. S3 chj

    Interior light problem

    Hi guys, I have a flashing interior light and the door lights also flash but only when the passenger side door is open, if I open the drivers door or switch the interior light on the light stays on as normal, I have scanned it with vagcom and nothing comes up any ideas where to start looking or...
  4. S3 chj

    Cupar r splitter for my s3 pic request please :-)

    Hi guys, iv bought a splitter for my s3 from seat today,I was wondering if anyone has any tips on fitting as I remember they have to be cut a little bit, also any pictures of them fitted would be great so I can see the position you have them at this is my first s3 and I don't want to make a...
  5. S3 chj

    Thermostat stuck open maybe ?

    Hi guys, my temp gauge on my s3 2001 model only goes up to 90 when stood still for 20-30 mins as soon as I drive it goes all the way down, vagcom said check temp sensor and thermostat so I have changed the temp sensor but it is still the same the heaters also get a little bit colder on a run...
  6. S3 chj

    vcds lite

    hi chaps iv bought a cheap lead of ebay for now so i can use the vcds lite, i have tried to scan my car but it will not connect, it says port does not exist interface not found iv tried com 1-4 and it says the same, any idea what i am doing wrong ? cheers chris
  7. S3 chj

    Middle brake light stuck on

    Hi guys I bought an s3 today 51 plate, its got a couple of little problems but one that is really annoying is the middle brake light is stuck on the main two in the lights work ok, it's giving me a warning on the dis every time I take my foot of the brake pedal, does anyone have any ideas what...
  8. S3 chj

    Audi 80 Convertible

    im looking for infomation and some help on my audi convertible, cant seam to find much on here so i was wondering if anyone knew for a forum about them. cheers chris.
  9. S3 chj

    Wanted A3 turbo

    hi im looking for another a3 turbo now pm me if you have anything. thanks chris
  10. S3 chj

    k03 part number

    anyone know the part number for a k03 turbo of a agu engine and will it fit a passat
  11. S3 chj

    few things on ebay
  12. S3 chj

    pillar boost mod for sale

    hi guys got a pillar mod with boost gauge in psi its multi colour the pillar is covered in s3 roof lining dark grey looking for offers on this
  13. S3 chj

    chipped ecu

    how much are these worth once they are chiped to stage 1
  14. S3 chj

    forge 007p + spings

    SOLD hi guys got a nearly new forge 007p with about 8 springs and a spare sleave that goes in side can post pics if needed looking for £60 cheers, chris
  15. S3 chj

    new pics of car in compound

    im still waiting for them to relese the car this is how she looks now,so those waiting for parts il let you know when i got it back. CHEERS MATE.
  16. S3 chj

    a3 1.8t sport gearbox
  17. S3 chj

    rear axel

    will a a3 1.8ts 97 model rear axle fit a golf tdi gt Mk4 w reg? anyone help ? cheers, chris
  18. S3 chj

    a3 1.8t sport breaking

    hi guys, had a nasty roll in my car this morning, im going to bring it home on monday see what i can save so if anyone needs anything let me know, chris :crying:
  19. S3 chj

    dissipated power on a a3 1.8t

    how much dissipated power loss from fly wheel to tyre wheels should you have on an a3 1.8t sport its been chipped shes a 97 model, thanks, chris
  20. S3 chj

    signature help

    Hi guys, i have a photo i want to use as a sig but i only want a bit of the picture how do you do it or could anyone do it for me i haven't got a clue with pc's. email, forums and ebay is all i know lol, cheers, chris