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  1. LEE69

    For Sale A3 8P fbmfsw

    One paddle cover missing from the rear and the caps for the airbag screws. What you see is what you get :) £150+ postage or collect Torquay
  2. LEE69

    For Sale A3 8P FBMFSW ready to fit and use

    Just needs coding to make the buttons/dsg work £400 + post or collect Torquay
  3. LEE69

    Anyone had this seal fail? Water in drivers footwell

    This seal failed on my old leon 1m. Just wondering if they used the same rubbish seal still, on the A38P? Could be the rear washer feed, as that also runs by the bonnet release lever
  4. LEE69

    For Sale A3 8P 5 door full set rear blinds

    Back window A pillar shaped blinds both rear door blinds Make a great change to tints, can remove them as easily as you fit them Windows still operate as usual £55 delivered
  5. LEE69

    5 door rear tweeter removel

    Is it door card of or can I replace it by just removing the grill?
  6. LEE69

    RNSE battery drain

    I have a Gloss mk2 RNSE battery drain problem. It started when I removed the sat nav DVD and put in a music cd, since then the RNSE will drain the battery overnight like it's not going to sleep fully. Does anyone repair these? Shall I just put a relay from a switched live to power it? Would a...
  7. LEE69

    Windscreen washer bottle warning

    I have never seen this when the bottle as ran out. Is it only on the white digit clocks?
  8. LEE69

    ohhhhhh 7 digit RNSE :p

  9. LEE69

    Bargain of the day!!!!!

    just got a quick shift for my DSG box £100!!!
  10. LEE69

    Rear LED Sportback light queery

    Are they powered by bulbs or not? Just had the bulb out warning on the outer n/s is off Is it a new unit?
  11. LEE69

    Standard bluetooth wiring

    I used to be able to connect to 77 on vcds, but now can't.Tried a new bluetooth module yesterday but couldn't access the new module either. So it must be a wiring issue. Where does the original factory fit bluetooth wiring go after leaving the bluetooth box. Ta for any help/ideas.
  12. LEE69

    O/S Inner cv boot 2.0 Tdi dsg

    Any tips or tricks?
  13. LEE69

    Just cleaned the windscreen with fine wire wool............

    WOW!!! Just wire wool'd mine and added the rain x the difference after the wire wool is mad!! It just falls from the top to the bottom with no resistance unlike before. 5 mins then i'll rinse it of with a wet cloth...
  14. LEE69

    Genuine audi roof bars

    The torque wrench is it just a gimmick? 6nm is not a lot tbh and do the two lines line up? as mine as no covering for the lines to line up? If crucial anyone happen to have one please?
  15. LEE69

    Just came across this cheap site

    I have absolutely nothing to do with this company, a mate bought some bits and passed it on to me check out some prices compared to uk prices £109 delivered to the uk!!!!
  16. LEE69

    Is my shark fin the gps aerial?

    I have this unit fitted but thinking of upgrading to the RNSE -PU head unit Would i need anything else?
  17. LEE69

    Anyone using a Liquid Gauge on a diesel?

    Found anything it can't do?