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  1. olethalb

    The sensible daily B5 1.8T Quattro Sport

    Hey chaps, been a while since i was on asn, i sold the dtm, bought an rs4, hated it, bought back dtm, sold it, bought some other bits inbetween. more recently bought an a6 1.8T quattro c5 for a potentially big project, an 8L s3 that i was going to use but broke for parts and couple of days...
  2. olethalb

    VCDS Experts B7 module assistance please RE coding

    Ok long and short of it is.... i fitted RS4 s/wheel to my car along with 12 pin slipring and steering column computor ending in Q so all is compitable with MFSW now the buttons don't work and i am unable to have the wheel coded correctly the problem seems to be there is no coding option for...
  3. olethalb

    DTM register / owners thread

    I'm not sure if this could be made sticky but would be nice to have a thread for the B7 DTM where owners could post a pic of their car, we could see how many of the '250' are on here and keep track of them and compare mods etc. i'll start off spec; sprint blue - 55 plate AP coilovers 19 x...
  4. olethalb

    2.0 TFSI camshaft - stock vs / S3 info required

    before i get the usual use the search, i have searched this forums and others for info regarding S3 camshaft and benefits - if any over stock. around 5000 miles ago i upgraded my BUL engined A4 to K04 with Autotech pump internals among other required mods,when i switched pumps i fitted a new...
  5. olethalb

    my DTM 'build' - story so far, hybrid K04 - custom FMIC

    when i joined i said i wasn't going to make a 'build' thread as not a lot was going to be done to this one, unlike my old bora. this is still the case but i had a little thread on uk-audis as a record of what has been done, but they've recently upated the site and i cannot get on with it at all...
  6. olethalb

    A4 replaced my Bora

    just joined up, previously had a white bora but all good things come to an end so the bora is gone and i've replaced it with a B7 A4 DTM doubtful there'll be a 'build' for it as not doing much but part way through k04 conversion at the mo, posted a few pics in Solaris' thread Olly