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    Removing avant rear quarter glass

    Good afternoon folks, I am looking to pick up some privacy glass for my avant and was wondering if anyone knows how to remove/install the glass in the rear quarter (behind the doors) or known of a good guide on how to do so? I'll answer the obvious question, why go through all the trouble of...
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    Avant OEM roof bars... Does yours have a gap where the feet meet the bar?

    I have just fitted a pair of OEM Audi roof bars to my avant. I'm happy with them (until I can afford some nicer Thule wingbar edge) but I do have a concern... I needed to adjust the feet as they were too narrow and wanted to center the bars. I didn't notice before hand but since then the feet...
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    Pic request: Facelift Avant rear fog lights

    Hi folks, Random pic request. Could someone post up a pic of their facelift Avant with the rear fog lights turned on? Daytime or night time, it doesn't matter. Just want to answer a question I have on which lights are supposed to be the Fogs ha ha. TIA Craig Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
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    A4 B8 display info question...

    Hi folks, I have an annoyance that I've not spotted on other B8 cars: my display tells me the source as well as what the source is playing. It's really frustrating! How do I get rid of the "Radio" part? Is it a VAGCOM thing? I can't find any settings that allow me to hide the source info...
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    Question about component protection side effects

    Some good news today, My CQ BCM2 module has arrived to replace my low spec one and allow me to code all the channels for the LED rear lights. Obviously it will have a hissy fit when I fit it and will throw up component protection but I know very little about CP apart from that it has to be...
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    Avant 2.0TDi front brakes minor upgrade from 1LY

    Hello folks, I appear to have a sticky caliper and will likely need to replace it. I have since found that I have the smaller 314mm brakes on my car and have seen that there are larger brakes available. Seeing as I will be replacing one caliper anyway, is it worth (financially or stopping...
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    Fog light unit difference between SE and S-Line bumpers on pre-facelift

    Hi folks, Does anyone know off hand if the fog light units themselves are different between the standard bumper and S-Line bumper? I'm picking up a bumper on Saturday but it appears that even the fog light units are different for the S-Line bumper so can't reuse my SE ones? Sent from my...
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    Struggling to see difference in SE and S Line rear Avant bumpers on facelift

    Hiya folks, I have been looking at pictures of the Avant rear bumpers on the facelift but I can't seem to see a difference between the standard SE spec one and S-Line one, are there any physical differences? Thanks Craig Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
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    Auxilary/alternator/fan/serpentine belt

    So I am aiming to tackle my timing belt and water pump this weekend and thought whilst I'm there I'll change the other belt there too but... Having a difficult time finding the Audi part number for it! ETKA wasn't much help (granted, I'm still getting used to it) and I'd like to avoid one from...
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    CJCB engine specs and maintenance

    Good afternoon all... I have just spent the last 30min trying to figure out how to remove the EGR valve on my 2.0 TDi Avant so I Can clean it, only to find that my engine type doesn't specifically have one.... Well, that was slightly embarrassing! Does anyone have any specific information...
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    Anyone else had this (probably scammed) message about their wanted ad?

    Just had this and... I'm a little suspicious seeing as the "guy" joined today and has zero posts etc lol Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
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    How to turn down Avant facelift LED tail lights?

    Good morning! Does anyone know how to (probably via coding) turn down the brightness of my facelift LED tail lights? They're mega bright! Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
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    Component protection removal in south wales

    Hello to all my fellow Audi enthusiasts... I'm planning on replacing my BCM2 module in my 2011 A4 Avant and will need the component protection removed. Is there anywhere other than Audi that can do this legitimately? I'm not interested in getting it "hacked" or anything, just a genuine CP...
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    Any facelift owners in the Birmingham B7 5SB area? Need a favour!

    I'm staying overnight in a hotel in Birmingham and was wondering if any local members with a facelift B8 (better known as a B8.5) that has LED rear lights would mind if I scanned their BCM2 Module so I can map their adaptations? It'll help with coding mine and I'll happily help out with any...
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    Current or recent version of Elsawin?

    Good afternoon, Does anyone know of a safe place to download a recent version of Elsawin? Many thanks. Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
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    Current version of Elsawin

    Good afternoon, Does anyone know of a safe place to download a recent version of Elsawin? Many thanks. Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
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    Part numbers not in ETKA

    So I've been looking into the Hill Hold Assist retrofit tonight as I saw the option in VCDS so wanted to see if I can activate it. After searching I found a link to the guy that did the write up and he lists ABS units that are and aren't compatible (not an exhaustive list granted) and my pump...
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    Craig's B8 pre-facelift adventure

    Well, hello there... When I had my BMW E34 I had a similar thread on a relevant forum so thought I'd start one here. Basically just a place to document the changes to the Avant and get people's opinions, suggestions and ideas... Good and bad ha ha. So on October 4th I became the proud owner of...
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    List of Airbags that fit A4 FBMFSW

    Hiya people... After some exhaustive searching I have managed to find 2 part numbers of round Airbags that fit this wheel: The numbets are: 8J0 880 201 L 8J0 880 201 N Any more? Still not got to grips with ETKA so not sure how to reference airbags yet. Thanks for any help that can be...
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    Fitting facelift stalks, slip ring and wheel to pre-facelift car

    I have had a search (granted, not too in depth) for anyone that has done as titled... I've got a FB steering wheel on the way from an A4 but was wondering if it would be easier to fit the facelift slip ring at the same time? Then I spotted the stalks ate different on the facelift so got to...