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    Bye bye Audi

    Well after an exhaustive battle with audi approved used I handed back my 2019 A5 40tfsi as lovely as it was there were too many issues and the manager actually agreed the car failed to meet approved used on multiple issues. all in all a terrible experience with Audi and even whilst looking for...
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    Sold Genuine Audi Ring Puddle Lights

    As per title selling a set of ring lights (pair) these range from 40-90 pounds online asking for a fair offer above 40.00 pounds - can post if required. purchased for my A5 project but car had to be refunded due to issues all clips intact and comes in original box with manual simple plug...
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    For Sale Genuine b9 s5 Cavo alloy wheels with tyres

    Hey all as per title I have a set of wheels and tyres in good condition for sale overall immaculate with a small scuff on one wheel All tyres are matador matching and plenty of tread depth will out more particular details soon but need to put advert up to show progress to mrs lol looking...
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    Alternator recall MY19 A5

    Hey all just a heads up i have received a recall for the alternator from audi today in post spoke to service advisor this morning for something else and he said the bulletin went out for recall on 17th (my car was at the dealer 15th!!!) they want the car off the road and in their hands asap...
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    For Sale Genuine 19” Audi B9 A5 Alloys

    Hi, selling genuine ‘5-parallell’ spoke alloy wheels with 255/35/19 tyres 19x8.5j overall in good condition with tyres (3 x bridgestone potenza 1 x goodyear) removed from my 19 plate A5 S-line which was bought approved used in march this year From Sydenham Audi. Sale due to no storage space...
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    S5 Cavo Alloys on A5?

    Hi guys, considering changing my 19 inch twins parallel spokes to the genuine audi s5 cavo alloys, what are your thoughts and are they a straight swap? I do like the wheels I have but they are like a flat silver which dont do it for me like the wheels on my s5. thank you
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    Wanted Genuine B9 S5 Alloy Wheels

    Hey all As per title, looking for a set of b9 s5 alloy wheels for my 19 plate a5 sportback must be buckle, weld and damage free in original form awaiting your response.... regards
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    Pics of factory privacy glass plsss

    Hey all Can owners of b9 a5/s5 kindly post pics of their cars from side view to show privacy glass from factory? I recently had mine done and wanted to compare to factory finish as mine seems quite dark Much obliged as always
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    Bye bye s5...

    so after an enjoyable 2 years of ownership the s5 is being early terminated by 2 months as the replacement has arrived, I was far fetched to find anything similar for the monthlies on lease and didnt want to buy anything over 20k as dont really use the car much (13k miles in 2 years) Overall...
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    Gearbox software update

    hey all After calling out audi breakdown assist who were very responsive and provided a good service, the cause of drive fault was software related whoch they updated on site to resolve the matter, I thought id be cheeky and ask if there are any gearbox updates for the s5 and he said he will...
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    S5 Annoyances

    so after posting my thread about stone chips to front end, i thought id make this thread to highlight annoyances woth the car as it seems to be letting me down: Alarm triggers sometimes just after iv locked the car for no reason Tailgate opens with water splashing against the quarter panels...
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    Annoying stone chips

    hey all So after 5 months and 3800 miles in my s5 sportback I gave the car a good wash today and as i went over it with a drying towel i began to notice the number of stone chips on the front end I have done 3 motorway journeys in the car and can not believe the amount of chipping that has...
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    Be aware be safe

    Hope all are well So after almost 2 months of ownership, I was woken up by a sound in my house at 4.30am friday morning. I went to check and to my surprise a man was standing in my hallway downstairs rummaging through keys. He ran off as I ran down the stairs shouting. Another 2 men were...
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    Wait is over...almost

    So after a long 3 months finally the wait is almost over Im due delivery of my new s5 sportback tomorrow Cant wait and will post pics up as soon as possible
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    Problems Now FIXED - inc Car wobble after spacers, electric seat and power loss

    Hey fellow members - hope you are all well, Just wanted to share my list of problems i had with the S3 and the fixes that cured them to help other members in the same boat, (hopefully will be same cure for others) 1) Boost leaking and loosing oomph after 4k revs with whooshing sound: This...
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    VCDS For My Remapped S3 - Help pls

    hey guys, I have a 2001 AMK S3 which is running on remap (approx 260bhp) - no other mods, i would like to do a graph with BHP and Torque as well as check my MAF, 1) Which meauring blocks do i need to record to then add to a spreadsheet? 2) Does anyone know the link to the right...
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    Any member in East London with Forge 007P for me to try?

    As per title i need to rule out if i need a new Diverter Valve and cannot splash out on one as a trial and error especially since the hoses etc just cost me an arm and a leg to replace. I just need to fit it on and see if the car performs better..... Ideally yellow spring as that's what i will...
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    HELP! I snapped my nipple off.....

    ......the intake manifold. As the repair of my car was nearing with the parts ordered from audi for the PCV breather hoses etc, i decided to be extra and do the N249 bypass as all the bits were out and the access was easy, In the ongoing war with the clamp clips or whatever you wana call...
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    2001 S3 Boost Leak

    Hey guys, im sure this a common one, but any help will be appreciated, AMK engine: For the past few days now my car is suffering from loss of power, in low gears at full throttle there is a loud hissing noise, in high gears at low revs, there is hissing then when i let go of accelerator there...
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    S3 Newbie

    Hello all, Just bought my second audi after owning a remapped 1.8T in the past, i am fortunate to be the proud owner of an S3 this time and after swaying to BMW's for while, its nice to be reminded how well built audi's are!! So far i love this forum and love the S3, its a 2001 Y reg 210bhp...