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    Next rs3

    I think it maybe a 4 pot withe the concept ttr 420 hp engine?!?
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    A3 1.8T (AGU) FMIC intercooler fitted with 63mm alloy piping

    Where do you get it? Need to upgrade mine
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    looks like a vw jetta though....oh hang is!
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    Tempted with the A3 etron

    still better off..if these go up so the the rest! I need a car for my work unfortunately ,if i have to pay to do my job.. Projects manager so plenty of site visits etc, then i want to do it as cheap as possible. I am trying to get the dept to go down the pool car route. i have an A3Q, a...
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    Tempted with the A3 etron

    Can't see it a viable purchase for a private user. It's clearly aimed at company car drivers. If I got the allowance of 6500 a year off the company I'd be in a 530d!
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    Tempted with the A3 etron

    For me it's all about 0% benefit in kind. It''ll save me 6k+ a year and the crawl into the Bristol office will be free. The rest of the time I'll drive it like I stole it, as usual, and it will do what mpg it'll do....I don't really care about mpg. It'll have a very small fuel tank and so want...
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    Tempted with the A3 etron

    well at 0% BIK i'd definitely have one over a 2l tdi at 19%! no brainer for fleet cars. been looking at them, VW have just releaed details of there GT-E golf, same running gear as the e tron but the sportback looks loads better. although the press cars are lowered on 19's and the productions...
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    sticker in he boot gives the spec of the the spec you have and it will tell all
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    S1 Launch Tomorrow

    brave man! not my cuppa tea at all the astra. i understand about the wait. neither would suit my needs, company wise or family. guess i'll stick to my a3q for kicks..for now. Or buy a cheap polo mk5 and haldex it! make my own wrc version
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    S1 Launch Tomorrow

    personally i think the polo looks a better general. so id go polo rather than a1. sort of undermines the s3 a little....same running gear...lower tune...ko3 spec turbo rather than ko4 but wont be long before there are 400hp s1 about. rs3 looking fave...or a decent engined rs4 avant...
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    A3 Quattro TDI Re-Shell Into Audi TT225

    yep...i dont need another car right now.....but by time my A3's done they may have run out of petrol! only tdi that i want is a 330d auto
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    A3 Quattro TDI Re-Shell Into Audi TT225

    love it... i've got a spare tt lying around :faint: fancy doing a derv tufty
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    Shelsley walsh worcester

    same here, will take the Q up the hill when its finally running
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    My minor modding thread

    Now then! Bit booked up at present... doing the final welding on tufty s mani plus another 3 in the mix! So if your serious Dave we can do you one in a couple of months.....
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    My S3 8P...Alps Time.....

    really fancy a trip...diesel quattro though for 55 mpg! i'll leave the A3Q at home
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    **Group Buy** Quattro tie arms

    When do you want the rest of the money?
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    2013 Audi S3

    so glad im onshore engineering!
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    Petrol Avant Issues?

    the main reason for the 1.8t is extra power. 300 hp easily in reach. yes long life services isnt much god for any engine IMHO. as for tfsi, i had a brand new 07 gti was **** on fuel, and the motors sludge up due to the fsi bit. i can maintain a 1.8t alot easier i feel.
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    Petrol Avant Issues?

    just sold my old b5 2.5 v6 tdi quattro avant. considering replacing with a b7 1.8T avant. tfsi would be nice but the wife doesnt do the miles