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    Q7 And here she is! Always loved Navarra Blue

    Q7 55 TFSIe Black Edition in Navarra Blue (With comfort and sound) First ever 'brand new' car with 7 miles on the clock, straight from the factory! I've moved from a 2018 SQ5 TFSI Initial review so far: Comfort 10/10 - By far the most comfortable car I've ever experienced to drive. The air...
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    Q7 2021 Q7 Things to look for?

    The time has come - the SQ5 is being traded in. It's a great car, sounds lovely, goes like the clappers but I was never impressed with the interior space and there were a few things that I just wish I had specced if I had bought it new. With that, I'm collecting a brand new Q7 55 TFSIe Black...
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    SQ5 Outside temp showing +20-30c over

    Strange issue that's suddenly appeared on my '17 SQ5 - the outside temp sensor is reading about 35-38c in the UK the last couple of days despite it likely being between 0 and 7. It's on the virtual cockpit whether that's any help, and it doesn't seem to be affecting anything else in terms of AC...
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    SQ5 SQ5 3.0 TFSI Value over time.

    I'm currently driving a 2017 TFSI 3.0 SQ5 and as my thoughts tend to wander over to new cars regularly, i was wondering on what the value of the V6 Petrol SQ5 will do over time, given that it's been removed from sale with the only option being the TDI engine now and with the UK committing to EV...
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    Wiltshire newcomer joining the club Friday!

    Hi All, Picking up a 2017 SQ5 on Friday and thought always like being part of a car community even if only through forums, so i thought i'd say hello! Trading in my 330d Touring M Sport (Below) for a gorgeous Mythos Black 2017 SQ5 with a fair few nice mod cons like the panoroof, B&O, Matrix...
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    SQ5 Buying advise/things to look for in 2017 SQ5

    Hi All, New UK member, clearly - i'm hopefully trading in my MPerf 330d Touring for a 2017 SQ5 this week and wondered whether there were any things to look for or to check before taking delivery from my local Audi dealer? I've been stung before when picking up a car and had the 'Oh well you...