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    Quick question regarding v5 and selling car

    Evening sold a car and I've just transferred the number plate online today. Can I just fill in the v5 and give that to the new seller or keep that and then I just post the new V5 to him. Thanks
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    fair price on my car? not sure what to do

    hi all, my S3 saloon PDK , misano red, 35k, FSH the car isnt being used much and had a major service in march. With situation at work changing and i'll probably work only 3 days a week in the office, i have a family car to use as well as a boxster that i bought last year as a toy...
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    Wanted to show off my new toy, still got my S3

    so bought my porsche a few months back, been busy modding it as its a weekend car and hasnt been out much since the december. Porsche Boxster S 3.4, 30000 miles, 1 owner, full OPC service history, chronos, sport, sports +, PASM, PDK, heated seats, dual climate control. Just didnt have...
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    how do people insure 2 or 3 cars

    ive got a 2014 s3 which is about gbp450 to insure for the year. Ive been looking at a weekend car something which wont do much mileage, we have only ever had two cars under different policies as one under me and the other the wifes. just seen on the weekend car its zero no claims and i cant...
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    weekend car, thoughts on these?

    hi all, been looking at weekend cars, love my s3 as a daily but ive got to the stage in life where i dont want to be too old to have a sports car and look back and think i wish i had bought it earlier. so ive narrowed it down to two 2 or 3 cars. Budget of around 16k and will be used for...
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    Admiral cancelled policy and have just told me

    Absolutely fuming with admiral insurance. Received a letter today informing me my policy has been cancelled, no mention of why and I've checked the DD payments and all have been taken. Only took the policy out in march. This bit is amazing apparently my policy was cancelled from the 17th may...
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    H&R springs with mag ride

    to the owners with 8Vs with H&R springs and mag ride, how is it on everyday driving. Ive fitted some new BBS wheels and the arch gap i thought i oculd live with i dont think i can. I use mine as a daily and im wondering how it feels with the springs, my journey into work has quite a few...
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    Anyone managed to get a locking wheel nut off that's damaged

    Tried to take one of the wheels off noticed that the wheel locking nut is damaged, I bet Audi did it when it was in but I know there not going to admit to it. If I use the locking wheel nut In the bolt on the wheel it just spins out the edges have been burred. I've ordered some locking nut...
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    Anyone know what these are and how they fit for new wheels

    Got my new delivery of wheels today have these fittings anyone know how they fit and in what order lol.
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    Wheels offset

    I wonder if anyone can help me out, two wheels i currently like, one has offset of 45 and the other is 35. Just wondering what that means to the wheel and how it will look on the car. The website says both wheels fit the car S3 saloon thanks Rob
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    what trackers do you guys reccomend

    well my dad has a range rover tracker fitted and it can track pretty much everything on the car, including speed its doing, petrol, mileage etc im looking for a simplier version but one that does live trakcing using an app on a phone. just wondering whats out there and what you reccomend oh...
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    Audi service, doesnt look as if they did what they said they did

    Hi all, my S3 went I to an Independents for MOT and service a few weeks ago and they said it was leaking around the thermostat housing and needs further investigation. As the car was still under approved Audi warranty (only a few days left on it but Audi couldnt see the car until yesterday) I...
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    fitted a lip splier, but car has to go to audi for warranty claim should i remove it?

    as header my car had its first service at a independant and they noticed that its possibly got a leak from the underneath thermostate housing so as ive literally got about 12 days warranty left (bought it as a approved used audi) then its booked in next week. I fitted a lip spoiler using rivets...
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    Looking for new wheels, possibly BBS CH-Rs, can i run staggered on rear

    Hi there ive always been a fan of the BBS CHRs or maybe C-Is and i think im going to treat the S3 to some. Someone at work mentioned getting a larger wheel on the rear. Im not sure if you can buy a set like that or you just buy two different pairs, i havent adjusted the ride height and im...
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    Morning does anyone know how to remove rear light cluster on the s3

    I've bought some dynamic indicator boxes that plug into the rear lights. Took these two screws out but the light still feels attached. Is there another screw that needs to come out?
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    should i sell the wheels or hold onto them for when i sell the car

    quick question i fancy some new wheels for my s3 i think i have the arm rotors (19s). i know when i sold my r32 the aftermarket wheels put alot of people off so im unsure whether to keep hold of them and when i sell the car put them back or sell them and put the money to a set of new wheels.
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    Can anyone recommend a leather repair kit?

    Caught my driver's seat today (lunar silver) and got a two inch scratch on it. Anyone know of a define kit to fix it.
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    how do you go about unlocking a iphone 6

    hi ive got my daughters and wife on tesco pay monthly (rolling 30 day contract) and ive seen a better deal for plusnet so ordered the sims all but one of them there iphone 6 phone will not accept the sim card. I believe its locked to 02 as we were using a tesco sim which is using the 02...
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    Ceramic coating applied to my wheels

    Applied some Carpro dulux ceramic coating to my wheels a d brake calipers to hopefully speed things up when cleaning. Used this before and it's amazing stuff, tried some on the family car honda frv on the plastic trim and it's come up great. Also tried the feynlab detailer and impressed...
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    climate control, how do you set both sides the same

    well i was mental enough to go for 5k run after work and air con was a godsend driving home. however just ntoiced afte rhavign the car for two months that when your change one side the other side didnt change, is their a way of controlling both the same