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    ABS Fault 00538

    Hi, Had the abs and esp light pop up on the way home from work this evening and after scanning it when I got in, I've had a bit of a search about but didn't find much info, the fault codes I got are. Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels: 1C0-907-37x-ESP-A.lbl Part No: 1C0 907 379 F...
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    Steering angle sensor 360 out

    Hi, Have had a new p/s rack fitted and had the esp light come on after, which I figured would be down to the tracking being out, so have had that done, but am still getting the esp light on, got it plugged into vcds and it's reporting that it is 360 degrees out. How do I fix this, do I need to...
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    1.8 TQS Steering Rack

    Hello, having gone out to hoover the car this morning instead I was greeted by a nice puddle of fluid under the car which turns out to be power steering fluid, having had a look underneath it seems to be coming out of the passenger side boot on the rack, if I squeeze it, it pours out so I'm...
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    Bose amp replacement

    Hi, Having a bit of trouble with the bose setup in my a3 quattro, getting horrible distortion sound from the front passenger door speaker.I have had the bose amp out the back, taken it apart and re-soldered the joints as I read that can be a fix sometimes, I have done this twice now just incase...