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    Vag Tacho

    what version vag tacho are you using, here is the key program document using v5.0
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    audi a6 c6 lost keys

    you have an immobilizer, lucky thing is that assuming the fobs/keys you have start the car, the lion's share of issues are taken care of (getting new keys cut, and the immobilizer programmed). If the fobs you have did work the locks remotely at one time, you can get the part number for them and...
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    service indicator

    another dealer solution offered with launch x431, no offence 1. Go into the ‘Instrument Cluster’ system. 2. Select the ‘adaptation’ option and go into channel 42 and put in 150 as the number, if not already there. 3. Do the same for channel “43”. 4. Go into channel "41" , put the number as 0...
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    First oil service

    try to access ODIS (USB+Bluetooth) guided function, many amazing settings there
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    2.0tdi 136ps tuning?

    genuine vcds cable
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    Does this VCDS look genuine

    and clone pcb is like this
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    2.0tdi 136ps tuning?

    VCDS cable will meets your basic tuning demand