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  1. Road Razor

    Blind girl begins to see

    A girl was born blind in her right eye and has little vision in the left eye, gets healed:
  2. Road Razor

    The Invisible Man

    Liu Bolin is a Chinese artist who uses his body and paint to blend into backgrounds. Liu Bolin | The invisible man | The Australian
  3. Road Razor

    London Supercar Motorshow

  4. Road Razor

    The new Knight Rider Intro

    Anyone here who remembers Knight Rider from the 80s will probably find this hilarious:
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    Most memorable criminals in 2009

  6. Road Razor

    Audi: The quattro principle

    Audi's new crown-gear centre differential.
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    RS5 brochure leaked [Official]

  8. Road Razor

    VW Generator Belt Change

    How to change the belt in less than 5 seconds. :O I wished changing the cambelt could be as easy.
  9. Road Razor

    A man marrys a video game character

    How bizarre. :uhm:
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    Audi A7 spied

    First pictures of what may appear to be the A7:
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    Chrome plated S5

    The S5 shows up at 1:00. At the end of the clip the S5 goes against a gold plated M5 in a drag race.
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    Pizza complaint to Asda

    This clip requires headphones: :music:
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    BMW R8

    Now this is so wrong! :no::asskicking:
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    Stretched Q7 limo

    I saw one of these joining the A19 via roundabout the other day. 3.0TDI in black. It was massive!
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    Thief gets what he deserves

    Good videoclip:
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    The Matrix Runs On Windows :thumbsup:
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    Latest Credit Card Scam

    I just been forwarded this email from my colleague about the latest credit card scam. I'm posting this on here for everyone's awareness. ---------------------------------------------------------- Please be aware of the latest credit card scam :- This one is pretty slick since they...
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    RWD > FWD?

    :blink: What in the world!
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    Some videoclips of high performance Audis

    Some clips of high performance Audis. :superman: Audi Q7 V12 TDI accelerating: RS6 V10 Biturbo: R8 MTM Supercharged:
  20. Road Razor

    Audi numberplate of the year

    Just something I found while checking out Audi news sites. :)