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  1. ThatOneDude

    Selling my beloved B8.5 S4 - Just bought a 2019 WRX Series Gray (Pics!)

    Hi All! Well... the time has come. I've immensely enjoyed driving the S4 for 3 1/2 years ago now. Not sure if this is the right section within the forum, but it’s time for a change. Winter is coming. Bwahahaha. Just kidding. No but for real… I’m gonna seriously miss my S4. Love the stance...
  2. ThatOneDude

    B8.5 S4 Front License Plate Holder / Frame / Mount

    I got a ticket for no front plate. Now I need to install the plate and get it signed off by an officer. What do you guys suggest I do? Am I supposed to just drill holes directly into my front grill? Will a standard frame holder work or do I really need the entire mounting piece? I've looked...
  3. ThatOneDude

    Capturing "Operation S4 - Detail and Protect" from Start to Finish

    Alright folks. I have ordered all necessary items shown below. Total Cost including shipping: $347 The 10 Step Plan Of course, I will capture the process with before and after pics! :grinning:
  4. ThatOneDude

    Best Paint and Leather Protection - Nano Resin, Carnuba Wax, Clay, Ceramic Pro, CQuartz, GTECHNIQ?

    Hi all. I've searched pages and pages of this detailing forum and there's a lot of good info here, but I have several specific questions and replying to multiple threads to converse about everything seems quite daunting, so I am creating this thread to discuss the very BEST in paint and leather...
  5. ThatOneDude

    B8.5 2014 S4 - Homelink not working. Went through steps.

    Hi! I have a Genie garage door opener. I went through all the proper prompts. The MMI screen gave detailed instructions of how to do it, and said "3 Flashes=Success", but even though my blinkers flashed 3 times after the steps, it still didn't work. Anyone successfully able to get Homelink...
  6. ThatOneDude

    2014 S4 Glacier White on Magma Red - ThatOneDude's B8.5 Thread

    2014 Audi S4 - Certified to 100K Glacier White Metallic Magma Red Nappa Leather :yes: Carbon Fiber Inlay Sport Differential Bang & Olufsen Black Optics Package S-Tronic 7 Speed Supercharged Badges 45K Maintenance Package This beauty goes in the enclosed shipping truck to me tomorrow! Should...
  7. ThatOneDude

    B8.5 Audi S4 - should I be concerned about snow / salt / corrosion in certain regions?

    I'm finding some really excellent S4 possibilities in areas like Ohio and Florida. Mostly 2014 certified with like 15K miles or thereabouts. I did some quick research on salt and corrosion and am getting really worried about it actually. We don't have to deal with anything like that in SoCal so...
  8. ThatOneDude

    2014 S4 with RS4 front fascia and rear diffuser/exhaust!

    Stumbled upon this on carsforsale dot com. Love the RS4 look!!
  9. ThatOneDude

    2015 A4 - Black Competition Pack Spotted at San Diego Dealership

    OMG! This is the nicest looking A4 I've ever seen. I swear I thought I was walking up to an S4 all the way until I saw the "S-line" badge. To my eye, this looked liked Glacier White Metallic, but the salesman insisted that it was a grey metallic. He said like... "Jungle Grey" or something. I...
  10. ThatOneDude

    What is the speed limiter for S4 in the USA? Is there a definitive answer?

    I've seen multiple threads on this topic. Some explaining how to deactivate/remove it. Some discuss morality of it. I heard someone mention on a Youtube review that if your S4 has the 18 inch wheels it has the limiter at like 120 mph but if it is already fitted with the 19 inch wheels then the...
  11. ThatOneDude

    Embroidered Diamond Stitched Super Sport Seats - S3

    Hi Everyone. First post here! I've been car shopping for several months now. Leaning heavily toward S3 at the moment but I REALLY want these seats with the awesome diamond stitching. I've seen the same seats in some A3 and S3 Cabriolets on various sites with very cool color options. But when I...