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    Difference between S3 and RS3 front parts

    Can anyone advise me if there is any difference between the s3 and rs3 front parts such as the front panel, intercooler, radiators etc. Im trying to repair an rs3 and wondering if i can get away with anything from the s3 to save costs. Any information would be much appreciated
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    Deciding what car to get next

    Hey guys, After selling my s3 8v I'm looking for a replacement car but finding it tough to locate the right one. Originally I was looking at the rs3 but can't justify spending another 10/15k for an extra 60bhp over an s3 so looked at alternatives and the only other car I like in the Audi range...
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    just wanted to give you guys a heads up about these clowns and to avoid buying from them first warning should have been when i called up. i rang one day late evening and got quoted a price, which i then told the guy when iv confirmed they are the right items i will call back and order. so i...
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    Can anyone help?

    iv got a bit of a wiring issue. got a 8p s3 3dr with bose and am replacing the plug for my boot subwoofer. iv got a four pin plug that comes from the car loom and four wires but have no idea what order they go in. iv tried a few different orders but not really working and the weird thing is when...
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    Any chance anyone could take a pic of theyre boot for me from s3 3dr?

    hi i know this is a funny request but would anyone be willing to take a pic of there boot for me. i need to see what is behind the nearside/passenger plastic trim, were the subwoofer is as i have some loose wires aswell as some gaps so im assuming somethings missing but dont know what.. also...
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    Whats my car worth??

    i currently looking to sell my s3 as im going to be doing quite a bit of mileage so looking for something a bit more economical and tbh the car didnt really live up to my expectations.. anyways i was wondering if i could get some advice on how much i should sell for as iv been looking at the...
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    Can anyone reccomend a Good detailer in South yorkshire?

    im looking to put my car for sale but its got a few marks on it and im wanting to get a detailer to freshen the paintwork up any know a decent one in south yorkshire preferably sheffield...
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    isit me or does this look really weird?

    i know its a replica but seriously doesn't look right, is this what an rs3 will look like in 3dr?<br><br>;hash=item4cf94419de<br>
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    Anyone got a S3 in Sepang blue?

    hey this is my first post as i recently bought a 8p s3. Iv had a long line of different cars but my fun cars were mainly JAP. first time iv bought a performance VAG However my family are dedicated audi buyers and we've had a lot of different ones,currently we have: 58 audi a4 s line 140 tdi 56...