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    Stretched Cam chain / faulty intake camshaft adjuster solenoid

    this is second hand from AmD talking to Audi but it sounded like a technical bulletin not a recall unfortunately
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    Stretched Cam chain / faulty intake camshaft adjuster solenoid

    :crying: not happy - £950 down and its back with a lumpy idle this morning, it does seem to have improved, been pretty much fine since Sat with the new solenoid. Apparently the old one was pretty knacker ed and the audi master mechanic suggested that a bulitin was on the way out soon for the...
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    Stretched Cam chain / faulty intake camshaft adjuster solenoid

    Hey mate, Looking at your issues it doesn't sound quite the same - its totally intermittent but i've not had any issue with it cutting out or the ESP / Engine management lights - just the emissions light and a serious misfire on all cylinders when its playing up. I also don't have half the...
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    Stretched Cam chain / faulty intake camshaft adjuster solenoid

    Well, just come back from AmD and it's not the chain (-1 on both :)) they cleared the faults (cam sensor fault and missfires) and it stopped doing it again... They are going to phone some contacts and get back to me... Great service from them but still none the wiser :( just glad to have the...
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    Stretched Cam chain / faulty intake camshaft adjuster solenoid

    i'm in the south - guildford & richmond area... going to pop it into AmD Technik tomorrow for a second opinion, will get them to check those blocks. Normally its a little lumpy, when its bad its having a good go at shaking my fillings out!
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    Stretched Cam chain / faulty intake camshaft adjuster solenoid

    Hi guys, it seems my dodgey idle is down to either a stretched cam chain or a faulty intake camshaft adjuster solenoid, neither of which are particularly cheap or easy to fix apparently. How would i go about checking if the cam chain is stretched? I assume its not an easy job from the times...
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    Seriously lumpy idle / engine (VagCom in guildford / richmond area?)

    thats pretty much what i figured - bit of an update though... on the drive home last night it was the same untill a ~10 miles in. The emissions contol light came on and the car calmed itself down - no lumpy idle or anything! Light was back off this morning and the idle was back to being...
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    Seriously lumpy idle / engine (VagCom in guildford / richmond area?)

    Hey guys, My 05 3.2 has had a bit of a lumpy idle in the morning a few times but its cleared pretty quickly on my commute when given a few beans. Its really not feeing too happy today though - the lumpy idle didn't shift and its feeling lumpy when running too. Got it booked in with AMD in...
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    RNS-E - Anyone purchased from this Guy ?

    it depends how you do the purchase - if he sends you an invoice then you still have a level of buyer protection from PayPal (+even more if you make the PayPal payment with a credit card instead of a debit/bank account). There is a little added protection with ebay purchases but realistically...
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    induction & exhaust for 3.2

    Hey guys, I'm getting tempted to make some changes to the v6 and let the engine roar a bit more :) What are the recommended exhaust and induction upgrades? ideally I'd like something thats not too noisy when cruising but really comes into its own in the higher revs....
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    S3 Sold A3 arrived!

    looks good :) was this on ebay the other day? my ABT a3 kicked off last week i think but there weren't any photies.... How are you finding NA :) tis great having loads of torque and not having to work the gears ;)
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    A3 Cruise Control Retro-Fit

    ooh, if its going to be around £100 i'm totally interested in this as well :) should be able to make that back in a year easily with the fuel savings ;) Got the same year and setup as edition so hopefully should be the same bits.... anyone mind checking that against my chassis number though?
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    tyre recommendations for the 3.2

    i've had eagle f1s on other cars and while they are amazing for both wet and dry grip they do seem to disappear somewhat rapidly :( Anyone tried the Toyo Proxie T1-R or Kumho KU31s? again had both before and been happy with them, Mhill pointed out some tyres just aren't suited to some cars...
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    tyre recommendations for the 3.2

    looks like i might be needing some new front shoes for the a3... what do people recomend? I do pretty high mileage, but i'm not about to scrimp on the things keeping me on the road :icon_thumright:
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    Bluetooth Retro Fit

    can you fit the bluetooth with the single DIN unit? (concert 2 i think) and do you need the MFSW? I'm happy to use the phone to control the calls (have got it in a nice mount for the line in...)
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    A3 1.8TS Breaking

    hrm... it turns out i'm an idiot and clicked through to the wrong section! should have been in the 8P form not the 8L so i'm thinking your headlining might not fit... sorry mate!
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    A3 1.8TS Breaking

    hey mate, is yours the three door with grey headlining? i could do with the rear passenger side headlining - I'm based in Guildford but work in Richmond so could drop round on the way home one evening and rip it out ;)
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    yup, its the pre-face lift 8p with the "split grill" i'm pretty sure the facelift was just a range of visual improvements
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    double din cage

    would the buttons & cage still work in a pre-facelift though?
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    part number / description request

    Hey guys, the previous owner managed to damage the trim in the rear of my car and I'm looking to get either a second hand or new replacement.... how would i acuratly describe this, and whats the part number? basically its the rear pillar trim that goes down from the headliner on the near...