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    Belt Changing on 2.0 Petrol (2001)

    Funny enough i just received a letter from Audi saying i needed to get this done. The car has only done 50k...... i think i will wait a bit!
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    vibration thru the car

    I dont think its a wheel balancing issue though i may be wrong. I recently had new tyres put on. I'm then told that every wheel is ever so slightly warped. This is not a weakness in the wheel the tyre fitter basically said that the roads in the UK are so crap that this tends to happen alot on...
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    Goodyear F1 GSD3 experience

    Decided in the end to go for the Michelin Pilot Sport 2's. Only had them on a week and so far am pretty happy with their performance in the wet and dry. Infinitely better than those avon ZZ3 which when were getting changed 2 of them had splits on the tyre wall one about 7" and the other one on...
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    What Do I Do? Need Advice

    HAHAHA excellent....just trade her in for a new model mate :)
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    Superfast Broadband Questions

    128bit encryption can be broken in under an hour now! Which is a bit of a pisser considering most routers max security is 128bit
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    Superfast Broadband Questions

    Alot of these new modems (surfboards) which have come out have USB connections as well as RJ45 and the USB is good for upto 10Meg Broadband. If your wanting to go Wireless then i would seriously consider Netgear make sure you get one with a built in Firewall though a little more expensive but...
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    PS3 pre-order

    Wow thats a sting....... £50 a game...suppose same as Xbox360 so to be expected. Also the games they are bundling with PS3 are crap! I dont want to pay £150 for 3 games i'm not going to play!
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    Sky HD

    Not normal they are probably upscaled SD which is actually still supposed to be up to 4 times better than standard SD
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    Sky HD

    It'll be worth the wait mate!
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    The important woman.

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    How sad are you

    Damn i forgot to put integrale...of course...silly me, again the mini how did i not remember Austin Porsche i'd never of gotten and the ****** citroen saxo....whoever got that need help cheers
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    water profits - does this make you cross?

    Totally agree its a ****** disgrace water/utilities should be government run ..... not for profit! What were they ****** thinking!
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    How sad are you

    I got 45/50 Some of them are well hard Dont know 7 Porsche what? Dont know 15 havent got a clue I know 17 is a mini but cant get the first bit (deserve a flamming for that!) Dont know the other half of the Lancia at 21 Only knew the Delta and stratos but it aint them ????
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    2010 Audi A1

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    Goodyear F1 GSD3 experience

    GB ...sounds good!
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    Payback time for the ebay scammer!!

    Top class. He's a Barnet boy too.....shame!
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    Goodyear F1 GSD3 experience

    [ QUOTE ] Mine are reaching the treadwear, where's the cheapest place?? [/ QUOTE ] Same question?
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    driving question

    I think he's saying "Damn ....shafted again!"