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  1. Smarter carper

    Help needed goes in reverse 3rd 4th 5th & 6th

    please help if any one has experienced the same issue as me or knows what the problem is. I pulled up to work this morning and when I took it out of gear it was a bit stiff. This evening as I was about to leave work I put it in 1st gear and it did not engage 1st gear or 2nd and even after...
  2. Smarter carper

    Will 8.5j fronts & 9.5j rears et30 fit 8p sportback

    Please help I've just found my dream wheels and need to know if they Will fit they are 19" 8.5j fronts et30 & 9.5j rears et30 fit 8p 2.0tfsi Quattro Sportback And which tyre size if they will fit Any advice would be great
  3. Smarter carper

    Frost shots

  4. Smarter carper

    Bumper help a3 sportback

    I was considering a late speck sline front bumper and wondered if there a straight swap, I don't really want to change the wings or bonnet or lights etc so wondered if anyone knows if I have any options for a straight swap or what the simplest option would be?
  5. Smarter carper

    Audi recall coil packs

    I've just booked my a3 in with audi and was told there's a free coil pack check and software update and they will also replace the coil packs if need be. And thought I would let you all know. If you've not had it done it can't hurt to call them and see if yours need doing
  6. Smarter carper

    How can I get biro out of the alacantara

    I've just found some blue biro pen marks on the alcantara interior any advice on getting it out??
  7. Smarter carper

    Prept any one go brands hatch

    Anyone go prept Last Wednesday of the month, It can be better in the Sumer when it's light later and slightly warmer
  8. Smarter carper

    engine bay inspiration Show us yours

    Found this pic on the net to kick it off, I'm Looking at painting my engine cover to start with
  9. Smarter carper

    Wheel size help please

    Hi got a standard height a3 sportback and wondered what size wheels to go, I was thinking 17s look ridiculous lol I had 18s on my golf and they were a nightmare any suggestions as I want 19s and am unsure what size tyres I would need and how much I can drop it by. I'm going round in circles as...
  10. Smarter carper

    Post your a3 sportback pics for inspiration

    Hi guys maybe I'm a little over excited about getting my a3, even so I'm looking for inspiration and would love to see your Sportbacks Please post a pic Here's mine
  11. Smarter carper

    Just bought an a3 2.0tfsi quattro

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum so still finding my way around, I have been on the ukmkivs for a bit as my last car was a golf v6 4mo r32 rep Here's a link to my old build thread for the golf Sold my golf in October and...