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    2.0 TDI oil pump / balance shaft failure?

    So after this report in Audi Driver why hasn't Audi done a recall? or at least something?
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    Audi A4 b7 2.0 tdi Advant (quattro)

    Hi guys, I am currently looking at renewing our car, A3 57 plate, sline 2.0 tdi 140. We love the car, except it could be just a little bit bigger, always wanted a Quattro. What are your thoughts? The a3 is excellent on fuel, mapped to 170, always get 50-60 mpg where ever we go, unless the...
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    text message from York Audi

    The way i read it is, u get an air con service, a car wash and valet and if ur car needs a oil top up then they will put some in, which is standard. So 65 quid is ok
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    TDI oil change requirements

    On driverside kinda near headlamp, u will notice it as its in a container witb about 6-8 small torx screws, take u 5 mins to replace
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    TDI oil change requirements

    Change the fuel filter every time u change the oil filter. Its so worth it, they get so black even when using vpower derv all the time
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    Eibach Pro Kit

    I would change the shocks as wekk, koni fsd's .... Will deffo cure
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    Are Avants more or less economical than saloons?

    But you wont be accually using all the 70 litres avail in the tank? Unless i am mistaken..........................
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    Front Discs and Pads

    Go to TPS, get some genuine parts, they last longer and perform better!
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    Police Car modifications?

    In sunderland they had a golf gti but done up/down as a standard golf
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    how to turn tick over up

    Is there an advantage having it lower than 900?
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    Whats the normal idle rpm a3 2.0tdi??

    Wots the benefit in having lower tick over?
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    What can I safely have my 140 bhp tdi remaped to

    Recipe for Major Disaster! Stick to the major people and you will not regret it
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    oooo scarey!
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    Fantasy Formula 1 ASN league 2013

    Team : Green Energy Driver 'A':Hamilton Driver 'B':Massa Chassis:Lotus Engine:Mercedes Joker Race:Belgian Grand Prix
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    Any Ideas

    audi A3 S3 RS3 sat nav NAVIGATION DVD BLUETOOTH PIP 3G 6 DISC TV DVB T | eBay Any ideas on this unit?
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    Is high miles a big issue like people think it is?

    All depends on servicing i guess. i had a vw bora on 225k before it got written off (bought it at 100k), i serviced that every 5k and it never missed a beat, only problems where suspension and starter motor. Now i have a a3 bougbt it 2 years ago on 77k now on 105k and service it myself every 5k...
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    Turbo replacement!

    Turbo Active 0844 980 8780 Replacement Turbochargers - - Turbo specialists
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    A3 140bhp TDi Siren Noise - Refurb or Hybrid?

    Really?? Lol Try turbo active
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    What type of diesel do you use and is it worth the extra money ?

    Supermarket fuel is not the same, may come from the same refinery but it certainly doesnt contain the extra additives the brand names do. I use shell, less smoke and more mpg from big brands, that's my experience.
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Can appreciate how much time, effort, money and genius when in to it, but looks a bit chav to me, sorry!