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    01771 J431 Control Module for Headlight Range

    01771 - Control Module for Headlight Range (J431) 004 - No Signal/Communication Having issues with the above fault code; clears but comes straight back. Headlights ajust normally when the key is inserted and the ride height sensors are all in order. Tried to open 55-xenon range to see if i...
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    Door lock woes

    I'm about to order a new lock assembly but before I do... I can open and close the door using the interior handle fine, but the exterior handle wont work unless i've used the interior handle first, and works fine from then on in.....until I use the exterior handle whilst the door is locked and...
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    Key coding (new key)

    Must I go to a dealer to have a new key coded to the car? I'll be using the dealer to purchase one but wondered if I can use a cheaper alternative for the coding?
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    "2012 S4 dipstick....06E115611H or 06E115611E

    I've got 06E115611H as a dipstick for my '12 S4. Doesn't seem to be that accurate if I'm honest, and reads high in comparision to the MMI. Been told now that 06E115611E is the one I need......can anyone else offer any input?
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    Repair wire for door controller

    I've done a lot of searching and have struggled to find which repair wire I need to order to connect into the door controller. This is for retrofitting puddle lights on a 2 door 8P.
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    LEDs into B8.5 reverse. Fault light on right side only...

    Ive fitted some LED reverse lights into my B8.5 S4 avant, They have been ok for a day but now its telling me the right reverse light is out. If I put the halogens back in it resets itself ok. Irrespective of which one of the 4 LED bulbs I bought gets fitted its always the rear right that...
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    2012 S4 just out of warranty; and the issues start!

    Audi have been on the phone, after I took it in to investigate limp mode issues. Seems I need; new oil pressure sensor £240 rear shockers are leaking £683.42 Does this not seem a bit premature after 3 1/2 years and 35,000 miles? I'm tempted to ask them to refer it to Audi HQ for goodwill.
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    Unknown fault code and max 4000 rpm

    Twice now I have had the EPC light illuminate and max 4000 rpm come up on the S4. It clears when you restart the car, and each time i've scanned it it says its an unknown fault code. It seemed to at both times come on when giving the car a bit of stick and when it changed at max rpms at the...
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    4 year 38000 mile service time

    Time for a service on my 2012 S4. Using the fixed price service calculator on Audis website, I was thinking this is what's necessary Interim Service £199 (had insp serv last time) A/C service £79 S-Tronic serv. £175 Brake fluid £59 Total £512. I've been told there is no...
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    2010 S4; warranty about to expire

    Hi all. My 2012 S4 is about to reach its 3rd birthday and the warranty will expire. It been a faultless car, and only been back for servicing and the odd recall. Its now on 32000 miles. Is there anything I should be checking for wear prior to the warranty finishing?
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    2012+ S Line and S4 genuine rear mudflap solution found?

    In case you wanted to know.... I had fitted some front genuine mudflaps to the S4 but as we know the rears dont fit 2012 facelift cars. Today I managed to fit the 8V S3 and A3 S Line (hatch) rear mudflaps with minimal modifications. it requires the carpet wheel arch cover to be trimmed slightly...
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    B8 S4 Specifically) 18" verses 19" OEM wheels

    Hi all I currently have the standard 18" wheels with 245 tyres, and have been wanting to upgrade to 19" peelers with 255 tyres. Before I do can anyone add any experiences regarding the pros and cons of such a move?
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    Confused! Ipod touch verses MMI lead

    Hi! I'm a bit confused with the following and after much searching I am no further on I have a Sept 2012 S4 with Nav, therefore I presume I have MMI 3g. I dont have a CD changer or frame where one would go just a plug and a net to hold an ipod in the glovebox. I have been given a 2nd gen Ipod...
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    Free service offer

    When I got the car in May there was a free service offer on used cars when purchased in conjunction with Audi finance. I asked several times after pickup if I should have recieved any written confirmation of this and was told that its on the system and it will be picked up when booking in at...
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    What iPod lead?

    I'm struggling to suss out what iPod lead to buy for my car. I wish to exploit that part of the MMI, and need to suss out which lead to buy, then I will buy an iPod to suit! I'll probably buy one used as it'll sit in the glovebox hidden etc. Car is a 2012 B8.5 S4, with MMI high. Its not got...
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    Misano red lacquer peel (again!)

    Disapointingly i've found laquer peel on my 62 plate S4 avant. Not washed it a while so figured i would give it a good scrub up today and found it on the rear bumper, behind the wheels. I can only presume its where the bumper has tiny stonechips from the wheel which is unavoidable. I fiqure...