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    crankcase engine speed sensor

    Morning,does anyone know the exact location of the above on an a4 3.0 V6 Petrol I've looked down near the oil filter and cannot see it I know it's the grey plug on the firewall Just can't see sensor location Cheers
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    help needed in wiltshire !

    Hi all can anybody help me code a replacement yaw sensor on my a4 3.0 Thanks all
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    yaw sensor replaced

    Hi all,ive just replaced my yaw sensor on my a4 3.0 I'm still getting the esp light coming on after a grind on the brakes Does the replaced sensor need coding with vcds If so can anyone do this in the Wiltshire area Cheers
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    Wheels locked up

    so i was coasting along at 15mph wheels decided to lock up and esp light came on,kept the esp light on and got home without any probsdid get two codes 01542 and 01119, these are yaw sensor and gear recognitioni replaced the yaw sensor, not sure about the other code, could it be bad wheel sensors...
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    This fuel system product is stocked by kwikfit,meant to be the best on the market £20, so I had to buy some!!
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    455 miles from a full tank!!

    Have just achieved the above on a 3.0 v6 a4 Cruising at 70mph for 300 odd miles,full tank of Esso supreme after a seafoaming treatment
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    excellent mpg

    Just got an incredible 40mpg in my 3.0 Quattro a4,doing 70 mph for 200 miles Well happy!!!
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    Yaw rate sensor location

    Hi all, can anyone confirm the location of the above on an a4 3.0 v6 quattro 02 reg Ive heard its somewhere behind the radio ? Any tips on renewal Cheers
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    Brake light switch replacement

    Right ive just replaced the above, lights are working, only problem now is the abs and esp lights are coming on after a short drive, I plugged the fault reader in and got the following 01435 brake pressure sensor 00526 brake light signal I cleared the faults and only the first one remains, esp...
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    Yaw rate sensor fault 01542

    Just had this fault come up , abs light has been coming on now and again, well after braking slowly coming to a stop it felt like the diff was locking up, and i get thisany ideas ?cheersa4 3.0 v6 quattro 02
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    seafoam A4 3.0 v6

    Just ordered some of the above , gonna pour half in the fuel tank and the rest through the vacuum line, will post results anyone else used it on the above engine ?
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    revs dropping when coming to a stop !!

    as above my revs have started dropping when coming to a stop at lights , junctions etc, they then shoot back to normal with a bit of a jolt Any ideas ?? Audi a4 3.0 quattro tip Cheers
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    Anyone with vag in wiltshire

    Hi all, i need a scan as my tiptronic gearbox is playing up, i think it requires resetting /readapting any help apprcieated thanks
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    Where is the TCM

    Hi all, just need a bit of help in finding the above on my a4 3.0 quattro 2002, is it under drivers seat ? cheers
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    Revs dropping when coming to a stop

    Hi all, ive developed this problem on my 3.0 quattro tip, when coming to a stop at junctions the revs drop below idle and the gear bangs in, when i pull away all is ok, when booting the box changes smoothly any ideas ?
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    Camshaft variable adjuster seals

    Hi all i have a leak on one of the above on my 3.0 quattro, only one is leaking, i know there is four , shall i replace all ? and how much of a pain is it to do ?, parts are only like a fiver for the set ! cheers
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    OH NO fault codes !!

    Took care out a minute ago and all of a sudden it started spluttering and misfiring !! fault codes as follows 16684 16686 16687 16688 16690 i know these are all cylinder misfires 17658=fuel level to low !! i noticed a smell of petrol when i started it, im hoping a blocked/clogged fuel filter ...
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    Fuel filter

    Hi, does anyone know the correct fuel filter for an audi a4 3.0 v6 quattro,ive managed to find a few but the pics are not that clear as they show one fuel line at each end, another pic ive seen and there is two !!! any help appreciated
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    Gearbox issues

    Hi all My tiptronic auto box is playing up,seems to have hesitation,and sort of banging into gear when slowing down, also when slowing down the rpms fluctuate and drop, when gas applied seems ok, its just not right any ideas ?? audi a4 3.0 quattro
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    Torque convertor

    Hi all my tip auto box is playing up a bit, slightly hesitant whilst changing, and sort of banging into gear when slowing down from second to first, also sometimes hesitant to select reverse, works ok in tip mode though was hoping a fluid and filter change will sort, any ideas ?? audi a4 3.0 quattro