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  1. tux

    How epic is this?

    :wub: Something just ran down my trouser leg. I do hope it was sweat!
  2. tux

    oh dear

    To each their own I guess, but for my money that is just wrong on a great many levels.
  3. tux

    Part Numbers

    You sir are a gent! Thankyou.
  4. tux

    Part Numbers

    Hi guys. I bought a copy of ETKA from eBay but have lost the serial number, so can't get it to run. Doh! Can anyone look up a number for me please? 078 103 604 H Its a sump pan that I bought for my A4 but got the wrong one. Doh again! I need to know which models/engines it does fit so I can...
  5. tux

    Brake Servo Issue?

    Thanks y'all!
  6. tux

    Rear brakes and wheel bearings.

    Now that is a TOP idea! :cool:
  7. tux

    Brake Servo Issue?

    How did I know that you would be first to answer! :laugh: Thanks dude. You don't think the servo sounds iffy then?
  8. tux

    Rear brakes and wheel bearings.

    Looks like taper bearings so just a hammer and suitable drift to drive out the races. A suitably sized socket is needed to put the races back in.
  9. tux

    Brake Servo Issue?

    Hi all, once again I find myself needing to call on your collective wisdom. I've had a trawl about with the search function and got some tips, but still missing a few bits of info. I did a track day at Silverstone on Sunday, the first in the A4 (1998 2.4 V6 saloon) and I found after about 3 laps...
  10. tux

    petrol prices in the uk

    Think I may have found a new record high. How does £2.82 a litre grab you? Admittedly it was 102 octane and it was onsite at Silverstone racetrack today, but surely thats just taking the pizz. Regular 95 octane was a more reasonable £1.43 a litre.
  11. tux

    Stupid sump plug question

    I find its easier to get a good straight grip on it with a good old fashioned spanner. If its really, really stuck you could try warming the sump pan a little as a last resort with a heat gun/blowtorch. Don't go mad though. And on a parallel note, if you have changed your sump pan for a new...
  12. tux

    Save the Nurburgring

    I have 3 trips organised so far this year, anyone is welcome to tag along. Another interesting point is that Kai Richter & Jorg Lidner in an effort to claw a few quid back have banned Ron Symons and all his employees/cars from the North Loop (blanket ban on RSR) obviousley endangering Rons...
  13. tux

    Local Meet ups. Midlands

    I may be able to make this assuming I can stop my A4 leaking oil! :banghead: Weekend of 29/30 would be better for me, but lets see what is good for everyone else. :thumbsup: Don't know Tamworth too well I'm afraid, so can't suggest a venue.
  14. tux

    Very very rare seats up for sale!! WOW

    So the frames must be made of gold right? :laugh: Too rich for my blood!:ohmy:
  15. tux

    Audis back in the BTCC

    Makes me laugh that does. I know in the grand scheme of motorsport BTCC is quite low budget, especially at the side of F1 and the like, but it makes me giggle to think that my entire car cost me less than a set of tyres for a touring car! :laugh: Looking forward to the new season though...
  16. tux

    Golf Advert

    Never seen that before, so thanks for sharing it Nutkin. It made oi larf it did! :laugh:
  17. tux

    Where abouts are you?

    Right on the Snotts/Derbys/Leics borders at J24 M1
  18. tux

    photos of my 2.8QS Manual

    Like this [img*][*/img] but without the * in the tags. Nice car btw!:yes:
  19. tux

    photos of my 2.8QS Manual

    You need to use tags instead of HTML tags fella. :yes:
  20. tux

    Why isnt Audi-sport On Facebook!!!

    Actually go outside and speak to someone in person? :faint: Surely not. Is that even legal these days?