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  1. Hotscar

    Finally Saw The Alpina D3...

    I love the shape of the coupe's (especially the 335i) but I'm afraid the D3 (along with the other saloons) just doesn't do it for me and with Alpina, they always look tacky after a couple of years or miles...which ever comes first! Having said that, it’s supposed to be a decent car with...
  2. Hotscar

    DVD's you HAVE to own!

    Going off Big Time I.D Once were Warriors New Jack City Boyz in the Hood White Men Can't Jump Crash Thomas Crown Affair Star Wars The Crow Wolf Creek Nightmare on Elm Street Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Indiana Jones Last of the Mohicans The Patriot Gladiator Braveheart...
  3. Hotscar

    Abandoned exotic cars. Tissues at the ready!

    Personally, I think the title should have had the word classic in it as opposed to 'exotic'. Even still, definitely a waste and the merc gull-wing is a real favourite of mine.
  4. Hotscar

    Job interviews & taking time off work

    ^^^Agree! This is what I would do. Honesty's the best policy and all that!
  5. Hotscar

    Flashing At Traffic Lights Turn Them Green?

    It does work on some, they are usually temporary lights and have a sensor on the top. It's not always the case as some company's just use a timer and as said above, modern lights (permanent) use inductive loops in the road similar to what are used for 'traffic signal camera's' before and after...
  6. Hotscar

    Is this the most expensive petrol station in the UK?

    That's the one, I work round the corner from it and it's the first time I've seen it over £1.20 a litre...maybe it's because it's opposite Bristol Cars? If you're going through there weekly S3 tny, I'll keep an eye out for ya.
  7. Hotscar

    Is this the most expensive petrol station in the UK?

    Saw these prices today and had to take a pic.
  8. Hotscar

    Saw this at whilst watching the touring cars...

    And then saw the owner! His watch strap was orange as well...
  9. Hotscar

    Met a special some one the other day.....

    I'm built purely for speed mate which is why I probably only weigh just under 12 stone at 6 foot so don't worry about touching a nerve on that note, I'm as athletic as they come. We still haven't seen any pics have we must be so proud...
  10. Hotscar

    Dave ??!

    Lots of top gear repeats!
  11. Hotscar

    Met a special some one the other day.....

    ^^^speaks a lot of sense IMO so what justifies this comment from you?
  12. Hotscar

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  13. Hotscar

    Met a special some one the other day.....

    Let's have a look at your lady then fella!
  14. Hotscar

    Met a special some one the other day.....

    Good stuff...did you talk about hair styles as well?
  15. Hotscar

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  16. Hotscar

    Fifth Gear - a steaming ****, I think so

    The 350Z is a revised model and has 20bhp (or so) more than the old version and I'm not sure the 3 litre engine in the Z4 has always been 265bhp so maybe that was the point of the test. Even so, I agree, total pants...I was even tempted to take over the ironing from the missus!
  17. Hotscar

    *flameproof jacket on* swapped my Audi for a...

    Brave move but I know what you mean with London traffic. I've opted for a bicycle and love it...home in half the time, a lot fitter than I used to be but I probably look a tit (so we have something in common. ha ha) in my lycra and silver helmet! I only have my car because I travel out of...
  18. Hotscar

    WTCC at Brands Today

    Anyone going?
  19. Hotscar

    Mourinho leaves Chelsea

    Not sure I like him as a person but he was certainly good for the English game and for that, he'll probably be missed.
  20. Hotscar

    Moral conundrum!

    Doeboy, put another advert up with all the same pictures you did before and mark it as sold for £3,550 because it had come to the light the car had been clocked. That should mess him up a bit.