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  1. disk0

    Powerflex Anti lift kit

    Just had this kit fitted to my S3 and it feels a lot more positive on the road, not given it a thrashing yet to see if the kit has helped with understeer. I was a little concerned with how it sits on the wishbones, the driver's side sits back about 5mm further in the supplied bush. Just...
  2. disk0

    Door look mechanism - not opening on key

    This problem started a couple of weeks ago on the front passenger side not opening on the key, unless locked and opened again and again. The same issue has now apeared on the front drivers side and I can only open it on the key. Typically the car is just outside it's 3 months warranty from...
  3. disk0

    Bluefin remap

    I have an A3 tsfi and I am looking at buying one of the bluefin handheld units but wanted to check others opinions before taking the plunge. I am based in Devon near Exeter and as far as I know there are not any places which do custom remaps. There are the cheap £200 options but after seeing...
  4. disk0

    EGR cooler

    Had a bottom twitching moment last night pulling on to a motorway slip road. Awful noise and opted to be towed home rather than cause more damage. Turns out the flange on the EGR cooler has decided to separate, made a real scary sound when it went. Initially thought it was the perhaps the DPF...
  5. disk0

    Power steering noise

    Just noticed this yesterday, I thought at first it was a front wheel bearing due to the whine seemly coming from the front drivers side. However I starting the car today its very obvious the power steering is making the noise. When I was just stock still it started whining as soon as I fired...
  6. disk0

    New rear springs + RS4 rear ARB

    Recently had an MOT, the rears springs were found with about 2' off the bottom of one of the springs. Seems it had been like this for a while but failed the MOT. Now it was level level at the back or I would have noticed a long time ago. It was just a small length from the flat part of the...