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    Who's still flying the "flag"...

    aint no way I am going to ever get up to 200 posts in time never mind. hey whatever happened to the last batch of stickers? did they ever get out to australia? Costa or Tim get them?
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    I am back

    aye tis good to be back after what must be over 6months absense from these boards. thats a lot of reading to catch up on. updated my bio hmm thought i'd done that. good to have my password working thanks for solving that one wandmiester. gunna have to send my car to the shop as the abs light...
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    I am back

    Been way to long since I have been an active person in these forums. I have more time on my hands and plan on spending some of it hangin out in here. Hope everyone is keeping well and their cars are going nicely. also looking forward to the rubber room if its still about...