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  1. MarkyH

    Hill Hold Assist problem!

    Hi Mike - Carlisle Audi could find no fault and it has worked flawlessly since so not sure what happened. I suspect as I had only had the car a couple of weeks I was not used to the system and I assumed it was engaged but I know check every time that the green P symbol is showing before I trust...
  2. MarkyH

    Brake noise

    Brakes sound loud under braking and coming to a stop the brakes make a weird noise - hard to describe but like a scouring noise - anybody else had this. Mentioned it at 1st service a while ago but Audi garage could not find anything?
  3. MarkyH

    Tyre Pressure

    I thought the M+S pressures relate to winter tyres?
  4. MarkyH

    SD Card unreadable :(

    I use MP3 tag which is great for album Art as you can select ones below500*500 then copy to the SD Card.
  5. MarkyH

    a3 8v 1.6tdi launch control?

    I get close on 60mpg on my daily commute which is a mixture of B and A roads and can get close on 50mpg on motorway runs with cruise set to 80mph - this is with the 184 TDi engine.
  6. MarkyH

    Led Glove box bulb fitting?

    He is t8ups on here or send him an email to
  7. MarkyH

    150 v 184 diesel engines

    The 184 engine is so much better than the 150 and only minimal drop in mpg. Totally love mine and with 9k in the clock now feels nicely run in and regularly get close to 60mpg on my work commutes which is great given the performance.
  8. MarkyH

    link to pro detail of my new S3

    Looks amazing - how much if you don't mind me asking!
  9. MarkyH

    Led Glove box bulb fitting?

    Cheers veeeight now sorted - did not realise that after sliding bulb out the end connectors remained!
  10. MarkyH

    Led Glove box bulb fitting?

    Got a LED glovebox bulb from TRUPS ban cannot see how to fit? Anybody else done this - see attached pic of bulb housing removed but how does the new bulb fit as none of the connectors seem to work or I am being thick?
  11. MarkyH

    Auto dimming interior mirror - opinions

    Mine is MY15 and is definitely switched on! It does work sometimes but is a bit hit and miss. I will try with the headrests down as somebody said that these might be blocking the sensor.
  12. MarkyH

    Auto dimming interior mirror - opinions

    The auto dimming interior mirror on my S Line seems no way near as good as my 2012 old model. The dimming function hardly seems to work - anybody else experienced this. I know they have changed the mirror now but don't know if this version is better? Is it worth querying with Audi or can the new...
  13. MarkyH

    How do I fit this

    Anybody know how to fit new glovebox LED light?
  14. MarkyH

    Help Audi TPMS

    So got my winter tyres fitted last weekend and driving to work this morning warning light comes on to check front left tyre - so stopped and nothing obvious so reset tyre pressures in MMI. Driving home tonight warning light comes on to check all tyre pressures but again nothing obvious. Anybody...
  15. MarkyH

    Footwell lights

    You can turn them down to zero via the MMI in background lighting as I did this recently as it was distracting when driving at night on dark country roads.
  16. MarkyH

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Fitted Pirelli sottzero winter tyres at the weekend and surprised how much quieter they were on my morning commute. Also noticed that the wheel hubs are rusting in parts - anybody else had this? Has anybody queried this with Audi as less than 3 months old!?
  17. MarkyH

    Night driving distractions

    Ha ha got dimmer on minimum but heater lights still so bright in corner of eyes!
  18. MarkyH

    Night driving distractions

    So now that the dark mornings have arrived does anybody else find that the blue/ red heater controls are incredibly bright and distracting when driving at night. I have already switched off footwell lighting and tend to retract the MMI screen but find the blue/ red heater controls distracting in...
  19. MarkyH

    Online A3 Brochure updated: Now valid from February 2014

    I have 2015 A3Sportback with *** and the boot shelf can be adjusted low or high.
  20. MarkyH

    Telephone favourites in DIS

    Anybody know if you can get phone favourites in DIS from steering wheel rather than MMI rotary knob?