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  1. palexr

    Remapping via OBD is possible on new A3s - MY11 1.8TFSI

    A little while ago I posted a thread titled "Remapping via OBD not possible on new A3..." This thread is just to correct that, they can be remapped via the OBD. I recently investigated using a Bluefin device on my new MY11 1.8tfsi but was told by a couple of dealers and Superchips themselves...
  2. palexr

    New A3 - about to order, last minute advice.

    Hi, Newb here, I am about to put an order on for a A3. Right now I'm looking at 1.8TFSI, Sportback, Sport. I figured Sport would be a bit more comfortable and offer all the road holding an S Line? I thought about a 2.0TDI but I fancy a return to petrol and it's more linear power delivery...
  3. palexr

    A2 sport

    Hi I am looking at upgrading my 1.4 tdi sport 55kw model. Can anyone suggest a good company who can do this and approx costs. seems quit a few have different quates and costs so it seems a bit of a jungle out there