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    Audi A4 b7 2.0 tdi Advant (quattro)

    Hi guys, I am currently looking at renewing our car, A3 57 plate, sline 2.0 tdi 140. We love the car, except it could be just a little bit bigger, always wanted a Quattro. What are your thoughts? The a3 is excellent on fuel, mapped to 170, always get 50-60 mpg where ever we go, unless the...
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    Any Ideas

    audi A3 S3 RS3 sat nav NAVIGATION DVD BLUETOOTH PIP 3G 6 DISC TV DVB T | eBay Any ideas on this unit?
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    Guys, Can you edit the DIS, would love to know how many litres of fuel left in tank?????
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    Audi A3 Mods

    Hi Guys As title says, just going to buy a a3 57 tdi Sline, 5 door, what essential mods should i get??? Already going to get the black grill and cruise control, What else, opinions please
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    Led Fog lights

    Guys, Any one changed the Fog lights On a S4 to led? know there h11, but cant find ones that are canbus free, anyone done theres?? Cheers
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    S3 Sat Nav???

    HI guys, I am going to be looking to buy one of these, prob mid next year when i have my 5 yrs no claims in the bag. I know what i what in terms of S3 package i.e i will be looking out for one the BAM engine in it, leather or half not bothered, but what i really want is sat nav. Does any one...