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    2.0 tdi quattro revo map

    I'm interested in people's opinions on this too as I've heard lots of horror stories about the B8 2.0 TDI models having very weak clutches and DMFs that don't seem to stand up to remaps. J:)
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    2007 A4 B7 2.0 TDI Cabriolet - White Smoke & Flashing Glow Plug Light on start up - Help!

    Hi all, My trusty old 2007 A4 Cabriolet has developed some issues that I'm struggling to get properly diagnosed and I wonder if you kind folks have experienced similar and could shed some light on it for me? Car struggles to start intermittently when cold. Some days its starts instantly, but...
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    High Mileage 2009 2.0 TDI - Would you?

    Hi peeps, With most of my free cash disappearing into the house, I'm looking for a cheap runabout for the next 2-3 years and have seen a high mileage 2009 A5 2.0 TDI Quattro (140k miles) for sale local to me that looks really well. If I get it the car will have an easy life of commuting...
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    Looking at a 2013 B8 2.0 TDIe SE as a cheap runabout....

    Hi there, I'm looking at a 2013 A4 (B8) 2.0 TDIe SE saloon on 100k, local to me as a cheap runabout and I'm wondering if you kind folks could let me know of anything I need to look out for on this model. Are there any issues with this de-tuned (134bhp) version of the 2.0 CR diesel engine...
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    2007 A4 B7 2.0 TDI Cabriolet - Starting Issues

    Interesting idea this. Could you tell me where the coolant sensor is located? Not sure why this would stop the car from starting when cold though. Wouldn't this just cause it to over-fuel if the coolant sensor was misreading? J:)
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    A6 C6 2.0 TDI CR170 Remap - Anything to look out for?

    Thanks for the reply and for the info. Yeah, I'm certainly not expecting the car to be transformed into some sort of road rocket. Its more about giving it a bit ore oomph and general drivability especially as I'd probably spend a lot of time with the car 4 or 5 up. I was just keen to know if...
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    2007 A4 B7 2.0 TDI Cabriolet - Starting Issues

    Yes, that's exactly what it does. J:)
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    2007 A4 B7 2.0 TDI Cabriolet - Starting Issues

    Hi there, My wife's 2007 Audi A4 B7 2.0 TDI S-Line Cabriolet has recently developed starting issues. Seems to affect the car mostly when completely cold (i.e. first thing on a morning) and the starter turns over fine, but it can take anything up to 30 seconds for the engine to begin to...
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    Rear Brake Pads for 2007 Audi A4 (B7) 2.0 TDI Cabriolet - Will These Fit?

    Doesn't anybody here know anything about rear pads and discs that they can pass on? :D
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    A6 C6 2.0 TDI CR170 Remap - Anything to look out for?

    Hi there, Lots of very tidy end of the line C6 2.0 TDI 170s out there for peanuts these days. Many with Special Edition or Le Mans spec with lots of kit on them too and it might be well worth getting one as a runaround for the next couple of years. Anyway, with it being quite a big, heavy car...
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    Help Please Considering A Re-Map On The Avant - Thoughts?

    Been reading these posts with interest. It looks as though unless you are happy to spend £000's on replacement and upgraded parts, you need to do the following: - 1) Choose a reputable company that actually know what they are doing 2) Don't get greedy. Go for a 'mild' map with a progressive...
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    A4 2.0TDI 134bhp/170bhp - Experiences & Results from Remapping?

    Seems strange this. I'm assuming its a completely different clutch set-up to the earlier PD engined cars then? My B6 PD130 Quattro did 190k on its original clutch and DMF and was often driven hard. Is it a smaller clutch/DMF set up than the 170bhp car? J:)
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    A4 2.0TDI 134bhp/170bhp - Experiences & Results from Remapping?

    Hi there, Looking at a possible change of car in the not too distant future and I quite like the early A4 B8 Black Edition (2011) Avant models that are now going for very reasonable money. There are plenty of lower-powered 134bhp models on offer too for quite a lot less than the 170bhp and...
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    A4 B7 Cab - Roof only opening a few inches then stopping?

    I had this same issue and it seems very common. One of the microswitches in the hood (near the front latch) will have failed and the hood motor will be goosed. I stripped my hood motor down and cleaned up the brushes and contact and everything sprung back as it should but the motor was putting...
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    Rear Brake Pads for 2007 Audi A4 (B7) 2.0 TDI Cabriolet - Will These Fit?

    Hi there, My 2007 Audi A4 2.0TDI S-Line Cabriolet needs new rear brake pads and discs and looking on eBay for new ones there seem to be a number of different options for this model year. Are the rear pads and discs on a boggo A4 2.0TDI S-Line saloon or estate different to those on the...
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    Best Cleaner for a Really Dirty A4 Cab Hood?

    Hi there, The canvas hood on my wife's 2007 A4 Cabriolet is beginning to look really filthy (i.e. lots of green patches and in-ground dirt) and my usual washes are now struggling to clean it up. Can anyone recommend any cleaning products that are good at bringing a pretty bad looking black...
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    Anyone recommend a decent set of flicker free LED numberplate lights?

    Hi there, One of my OE rear number plate light fittings has completely corroded to powder leaving the bulb obviously not working at one side. I replaced them the other year with some off eBay that claimed to be error-free but after a week they were both flickering like strobe lights, so I...
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    Part Number Request - Headlamp Switch 2003 Audi A4 Quattro Sport

    Thank for the responses peeps. I could've sworn it was the 8E0941531A part that is fitted but I haven't checked lately. I had the same problem with the wrong part initially that resulted in the headlamps staying on permanently regardless of the switch position and apparently I'd bought the...
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    Audi A4 Sport B6 - Wheel Ideas?

    I've looked at both of these options on mine. Option 1 gives the nice B7 RS4 look but for me the option 2 rims look great too, especially if its lowered slightly. I agree that the second option wheels look quite dated, but then again so does the B6 shape. They go well together. Think if it...
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    Should I change my gearbox oil?

    Personally I'd deffo change the gearbox oil. A job you will probably only do once but well worth it. J:)