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  1. geo_nr1

    Audi Connect help

    I posted this in another forum with no answers....I am very sure you guys could assist! Toiling with upgrading to connect in the RS I have a few queries on Audi Connect and can't find these being answered elsewhere so apologies if they have. I have two phones like a lot of people these...
  2. geo_nr1

    Audi Connect query

    I have a few queries on Audi Connect and can't find these being answered elsewhere so apologies if they have. I have two phones like a lot of people these for work and one personal. In terms of reading texts and emails, if I put a sim in the car which is tied to my personal phone...
  3. geo_nr1

    Supply and demand

    Given some of the recent posts on placing orders and the advised build dates (or not in some cases). Do you think that Audi will increase the production of the RS3? It seems quite obvious to me that there is a great demand on them and given the advised timescales when ordering, that must be...
  4. geo_nr1

    Bluetooth and MMI

    I'm a bit confused with the wording in the brochure. It states the RS has Bluetooth interface, I've been caught out in the past (other manufacturer) whereby that doesn't necessarily mean you can connect the phone without buying anything extra! I am adding the technology pack to my order...will...
  5. geo_nr1

    Discounts and deals

    So started making calls and visit to showroom to get prices and costs to change by trading in my mk6 Golf R. Are any of you getting a decent trade-in with agreed numbers now that aren't artificially low along with any type of discount?
  6. geo_nr1

    Hill hold assist

    I am trying to work out a final spec for and RS. I have a DSG golf r without hold assist and it doesn't roll back on hills. I was always under the impression that automatics didn't roll back? Is hold assist a complete waste of cash?
  7. geo_nr1

    Sepang blue S3

    Have Audi started to make the S3 in this colour as I have seen quite a few of these now?
  8. geo_nr1

    iPhone Contacts query

    I have just coppied all my contacts from my Nokia to my Iphone by using Outlook. I have just connected my iPhone to my car via BT. On th Dis, after the persons name M or W is shown. I used to use my Nokia and nothing was displayed after their names. Is this normal with the iPhone? Also on...
  9. geo_nr1

    Nokia PC Suite Bluetooth issues

    Has anyone ever had issues with Pc suite not letting you search for a phone through Bluetooth? I have got a new hard drive and loaded all the drivers etc. I can connect the laptop with the phone using Microsoft Bluetooth, so Bluetooth seems to work on both phone and laptop. Tried googling and...
  10. geo_nr1

    "Facebook email"

    Any help on this would be great! I do not have an account with Facebook and tonight I receive an invite to join fb from a random person. The strange thing is that further down the email it said "other users you may know." Now if this email is real how do they know that I actually know 4 of...
  11. geo_nr1

    Phone Prep query

    I have phone prep in the arm rest. But what I was wondering is for example say you call a call centre or something and it then says "press 2 for......" Is there any way the voice activation can press "2" for you or is the only way to do this by pressing the button 2 on the handset?
  12. geo_nr1

    Mirror Compass

    Does the 8P S3 come with this as standard? Was reading in the manual about it but wasnt able to activate it? Anyone know?
  13. geo_nr1

    AMI retro fit?

    I now see that Audi offer an interface with an Ipod on the A3 that allows the display on an ipod to be shown on the DIS called Audi Music Interface (AMI). Does anyone know if this can be retrofitted as its the only thing that I am disappointed with on the car?
  14. geo_nr1

    Reversible Boot Liner

    I see that you can now specify one of these for the Quatro, but apparently only as a Factory Optional Extra for £50. I have contacted Audi and they say its only available from the factory and cant be purchased as an after market accesory! Has anyone ordere this and does the mat have a code...
  15. geo_nr1

    Clear Protection Film

    Has anyone got this on their facelift S3 to prevent chips? I want this on my car and I have been searching everywhere but cant find any people who have the facelift kits made.
  16. geo_nr1

    S3 replacement exhaust question

    Hello all. Used to own a MkiV R32 for 5yrs. I had replaced the OEM with a blue flame Cat back system. The MkiV tended to groan when you were driving along and since getting the S3, its actually quite refreshing having a car that is relatively quiet when your driving normal. My question is...