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    Front Matrix LED Light Cluster fogging

    Does anyone else's front LED Light Cluster fog up? I collected the new car on Saturday and Sunday went to clean it (already filthy due to M1). I noticed the light cluster was fogging up on the inside. I took photos. I spoke to Audi who advised this should not be happening so contacted the...
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    Advice please

    Hi all You may have seen my post recently regarding numerous issues I have had with my A3. Whilst Vindis had my car their technician needed to to an overnight road test. I was told this means driving the car home and back again to try and replicate the fault(s). Unfortunately for him I was...
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    Numerous issues with new A3

    Hi all I purchased my A3 1.5 in June and have had a number of issues. I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were, has anyone had the same issues etc. My car is currently with Audi who are inevstigating. Below are the issues and findings so far: MMI: This god awful slow, I mean, I turn...
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    Any order tracking experts on here?

    I know there is an order thread but this is a little more specific. I received my order number from my dealer and have been checking it on the website. Currently it’s at status 38 - released to ship. I have the checked the api and can only see one previous update which was on the 6th June when...
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    New car order

    I have purchased a car that has just been built (I am told specifically it was built week 12 - just before Covid-19). It is apparently sat in Germany waiting to be shipped here to the UK. Is there any way I can track this order? I am not confident the dealer is being honest and would like to...
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    Re-tuning the Radio

    Hello I have googled this, searched this forum but for the life of me cannot find the answer. I have the A3 FL with Virtual Cockpit, I just cannot work out how to re-tune my DAB Radio. Anyone got any ideas?
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    Rejecting a car on PCP

    Hi all Is there anyone in here with any expertise or experience of rejecting a car? I am looking for some advice. My partner has rejected a car purchased in March - it was a Polo which she rejected due to the seatbelt recall (hope its ok to post here). VWUK have agreed to the rejection and it...
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    Q2 New Q2 factory order

    consideting placing a factory order for a new Q2. Been quoted differing delivery timescales by different dealers. Can anyone who has ordered a Q2 recently give an idea of how long your order took? Thanks
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    Buying a new car on PCP

    Posting for my partner: We recently went to our local Audi to purchase a new car on PCP. They couldn’t find the car she wants in any of their dealerships (or nationwide). They offered her a car that was at a local dealer in their group. He wasn’t sure if it was ex demo or a company scheme...
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    Wind deflectors from eBay

    Hi all Looking for a bit of advice. I recently purchased some wind deflectors from eBay when I was on holiday. The estimated delivery was when I was back so didn't see it as a problem. In turns out Hermes 'threw it over my back gate' when I was away. I have logged a complaint with eBay and the...
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    Installing a Dash Cam

    I have a NextGen Dash Cam from my old car. I normally get Halfrauds to fit them for me, but not sure I trust them on my A3. Can I trust them, in the sense of are they hard to hardwire to fuse box on an A3?
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    Facelift What do I do with this?

    I picked up my A3 a week or so ago. No idea what to do with these badges? Anyone got any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Audi Infotainment

    I am trying to set up Audi Connect in my car but I’m really struggling. I have registered but for some reason it tells me that the last step (connecting phone to system after entering the PIN) isn’t working. I expected to see a SIM card in the slot but there isn’t one there? It appears to be...