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  1. jrumball

    A3 Sportback (eTron) Center Console and MMI controls ....

    As far as I’m aware the A3 e-tron doesn’t have a custom console the FaceLift MY17-> and Pre face Cars do have different consoles cup holder LED colour was red and the MMI controls had 4 buttons on the PFL cars. Also not all A3s had start stop buttons and you will also need the correct Hill hold...
  2. jrumball

    E-tron - s3 valance

    Correct in the Face Lift cars MY17-> front bumper and rear bumper and spoiler is a Sport trim in the UK, the side skirts are S-line this is different in the EU and US where an S-Line spoiler could be chosen in other markets and is a drop in replacement, I have swapped mine for an RS3 Spoiler...
  3. jrumball

    E-tron - s3 valance

    You will need an s-line bumper and splitter…. Plus additional work cabling and coding to get the exhaust flaps to work
  4. jrumball

    Audi A3 2017 Auxiliary Heater

    Is it possibly a block heater ? Not direct heating ? What market was the car originally sold in ?
  5. jrumball

    2 or 4 wheel alignment after lowering?

    4 wheel alignment, make sure you go for a drive first to make sure they have settled properly. Most places should let you come back after a few days too and make sure they are still in spec too.
  6. jrumball

    Facelift What's in your tool roll?

    Clear pouch on the outside has my locking wheel but key in it, the card is to remove rear light cluster bulb holders, I have a full LED car so have never used it . I do not have a set of tweezers which I assume is for wheel bolt covers, but do have the puller for the wheel centre covers. I...
  7. jrumball

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4 AO Lack of rim protection ?

    Thanks That’s frustrating and a shame as I was told they had rim protection, the Pirelli Pzeros have epic £1 worth of rim protection, which is great with the country roads around where I live, I’m confused though as I have seen pictures showing significant rim protection on these tyres ?
  8. jrumball

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4 AO Lack of rim protection ?

    Just had a set of 4 fitted by my Audi service Center AO spec 225/40 ZR18 . They price matched me to QuickFit @ £99 each which I though was a good deal. They seem to be a lot better than the Pirelli Pzeros I had before which lasted only 10k miles and slipped and spun all the time pulling away...
  9. jrumball

    Blow Off Valve for A3 E-TRON 2015

    To force the car into using the engine you will need to be in both Dynamic and hybrid-hold and even then the start stop will automatically kick in, be aware as well that the engine will run sometimes even in EV mode to keep it lubricated and to stop condensation etc from building up . It may...
  10. jrumball

    Blow Off Valve for A3 E-TRON 2015

    Golf MK7 and MK7.5 are identical drivetrains to the A3 8v e-tron. cosmetically the 8v has an engine cover where the Golf doesn’t …. The new 8y and MK8 also have the same drive train as far as I understand just with a larger battery and possibly some other minor changes . Not sure what you are...
  11. jrumball

    Bilstein B8 + H&R Springs constantly hitting bump stops

    I have B8s with Eibach springs not as much drop but an an e-tron so heavier car I find occasionally on rubbish country roads it hits the stops at the front. I have considered getting them trimmed, but just haven't had the opportunity to with the events of the last couple of years. Otherwise the...
  12. jrumball

    How to: Blank Dash Button mod for garage remote control

    Search for my username on here I’m sure I put instructions up for how to do this with LED indicator etc
  13. jrumball

    Bilstein B12 Kit Experience

    Creaking is usually top mounts it's silly not to get them done at the same time. The I think the garage just supplied OEM ones for me. I live rurally and the roads are rubbish, I am considering now trimming the bump stops as they do bottom out occasionally, just haven't got around to it yet...
  14. jrumball

    Bilstein B12 Kit Experience

    Be great to hear how you get on and what you think.
  15. jrumball

    Anyone had the Audi UTR fitted / retro-fitted?

    Ive had one for 3years now it promised a lot and delivered Little it is functional and the factory option, but there are so many better options avalibe now , I would look at a better newer option, you should be able to take advantage of the fused supply that is already in place from the UTR for...
  16. jrumball

    Haldex service wheelspin

    Chances are they just replaced the oil and didn’t clean the filter, lots of posts about it on here ….
  17. jrumball

    Disassemble AMI connector

    Glad you Glad you found a solution you’re happy with, half the fun of these modifications is in the process
  18. jrumball

    Disassemble AMI connector

    Q3 is probably current regulation for the USB port, I suggest at this point your consider your aims, and the amount of effort you are prepared to put into having what looks like a factory install. You maybe much better off just drilling a hole for the cable and having a flying lead ...... or...
  19. jrumball

    Disassemble AMI connector

    edit: I'm slightly confused now, what does you car have in it at the moment ? I assumed you had bought another one of the same module to modify, not add a different module ? If yo still want to keep the functionality of the AMI connector you will need to keep the Fakra I suspect the Fakra...
  20. jrumball

    Disassemble AMI connector

    Could you try and get infocus these 2 areas as detailed as possible ?