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  1. daytonamart

    Ceramic Brakes RS6

    I think this is fairly standard, the key for wear is the dot marker on the face. See a pic of mine with the circle in the top left of the disc.
  2. daytonamart

    Extreme Parking

    Stow on the wold free parking near Tescos found a great spot on the end of a row.
  3. daytonamart

    Not a good day yesterday

    Really great news! have you got any pics of the old girl all fixed up?
  4. daytonamart

    Extreme Parking

    Morrisons in Devizes, Wiltshire. Great spot!
  5. daytonamart

    Random thing from your youth

    The size of wagon wheels.
  6. daytonamart

    Avant BiTDI

    Great car, great spec. Love those seats.
  7. daytonamart

    new member, imola yellow s3

    Welcome along, car looks a beauty!
  8. daytonamart

    Q7 Ordered New SQ7 Vorsprung

    Sounds great, get some pics up when you have it! Motorway are a good place to sell your car.
  9. daytonamart

    2.0 tdi any good?

    Others may disagree but I've had nothing but good experience with this engine. Ran a B7 from new to 115k with zero issues also had an 8P A3 which had the same engine and regularly got 60+ mpg zero issues. Currently run a C6 A6 on 128k again zero engine issues. So my experience is that they're...
  10. daytonamart

    Sold Ronal style 18in

    Where are you based?
  11. daytonamart

    Wanted Daytona C7 Avant Black Edition manual

    Big ask, but if anyone is thinking of selling I'm after one. Only stipulations are must be diesel, facelift, smoke and pet free with twin arm alloys not rotors.
  12. daytonamart

    Dealer wont budge on Price (£24k) - what can i ask for instead ?

    If you're happy to pay the money then pay it, if it's not worth it in your eyes or it's too much of a stretch then walk away, wait to see if it sells in a couple weeks then offer less. If it sells in that time is was the right money. Failing that then car mats and a full tank of fuel!!!
  13. daytonamart

    Poorboys Wheel Sealant - safe to use on bodywork?

    No risk, just be careful as this product tends to hold onto dust and fallout once applied to wheels in my experience. Always needed a lot of work to remove for me.
  14. daytonamart

    Poorboys Wheel Sealant - safe to use on bodywork?

    IMO the wheel sealant is quite thick and I've always found it hard to remove from my wheels. Using it on body work sounds like hard work to me.
  15. daytonamart

    since when has an A8 been the more economical option....

    Excellent work as always.
  16. daytonamart

    PCP interest rates

    Wouldn't a personal loan be a better? I can see 50k avalable for around 3.5%.
  17. daytonamart

    Help Please Scratches on display screen

    If this screen has an anti-glare coat then I don't see why not.
  18. daytonamart

    Post pics of your A6/S6/Allroad (C6 Chassis)

    Looks lovely, body work looks in great shape.