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    Ive never ever replaced all 4 at once on a Quattro. Never had any issues. Had new front tyres 2 weeks ago.
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    It is just way too hot.

    Car was saying 33.5c down here on the south coast today (whilst doing 50mph+ not sat in sun all day).
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    UK Audi dealers not following Fixed Price Servicing

    Had a basic service done on mine by JKM in Pompey on Friday, £159. Even have acess to the dealer service network to update the service history.
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    Considering S4 Avant as a dad wagon

    Well.... a combination of factors are now at play lol Mainly, work is a bit up and down right now, i work in professional motorsport industry, mostly F1. I cannot be trusted with a 100bhp car let alone 300+! I do alot of milage. I DO need an estate, a diesel would be better but selling it on...
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    Talk to me about ..... (building a track car)

    Friend of mine has an E46 325ti Compact track car, much lighter bodyshell compared to coupe. Its such a fun car for not alot of money at all! For the amateur occasional track day i wouldnt waste your time or money chasing horsepower. Keep it cheap, simple & fun. Thats speaking from 17 years of...
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    Considering S4 Avant as a dad wagon

    Thanks for the input guys. Planning on buying the latest B8.5 I can find i think so 64 or 15 plate. Part ex my trusty 14 plate Black Edition TDi.
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    Recommended products to clean up aluminium

    Mr Muscle foam oven cleaner spray (orange aerosol can). Great for bringing up weathered and beat up cast alu.
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    Considering S4 Avant as a dad wagon

    Thanks guys. Yeah im under no illusion that i wont lose money upon resale! I got my current A4 for a great price 2 1/2 years ago so fortunatly ill only lose maybe 4 or 5k if i part ex it. First thing I did was look at Revo software etc.... completely transformed my TDi. 3rd 4th and 5th in gear...
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    Considering S4 Avant as a dad wagon

    So, im contemplating chopping in my B8.5 saloon for an B8.5 S4 Avant now we have our first born.... Did consider a 3.0 TDi Avant but in my opinion diesel cars in the near future are going to be very hard to re-sell so going petrol seems logical, and buying a slow one well just no. I do alot of...
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    I work in the professional motorsport industry.... No Formula 1, no WEC, no Indy or Nascar = no work for me. Our short getaway to a wedding in Portugal now cancelled and my yearly excursion to Le Man (24hr) now moved to Sept with potential of cancellation. Not that im complaining, im a good...
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    That is freaking!
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    A4 2.0TDI 134bhp/170bhp - Experiences & Results from Remapping?

    Same here. Previous car was a B7 140 TDi, now have a B8.5 177 Quattro and the difference is like night & day. Had Revo stage 1 (210 ish horsepower) and its a fantastic daily driver!
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    Heated washer jets?

    How do you turn them on?? By using the heated rear screen or heated mirrors?
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    Heated washer jets?

    Do they come on with heated rear screen or heated mirrors do you know?? I guess the A6 ones are heated too?
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    Heated washer jets?

    Do B8.5's have these as standard? They were standard fit on my old B7 but unless im a spastic, im quite sure the 8.5's, or atleast mine, doesnt have them?
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    Any watch guru's , I could use some assistance please.

    I worked at a well known watch repair shop for a long time when i was a lot younger.... Used to strip and repair "top end" watch's everyday, open them up and the movement inside was a £5 pos from China lol Altho i did manage to build myself a very nice Emporio Armani watch from brand new...
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    Is the hand/e brake fail safe?

    Take a charged 14.4v or 18v battery from a battery drill and 2 lenghts of cable with you. Instant booster pack so you can power up the car and put the handbrake on or off.
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    How many cigarettes do you smoke?

    None anymore. Went from 10 to 15 a day to cold turkey on Jan 1st 2017 and never smoked since. Started smoking about 15 years old, stopped at 30. A combination of lots of caffine and smoking led to an absurdly high blood pressure and random nose bleeds when only slightly exerting myself, so...
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    Business Venture help

    In all genuine honesty, a degree in mechanical engineering probably get you in the door somewhere in an office job but wont really help at all when it comes physically making something from carbon fiber. Genuine hands on experience is what you need. With IR35 kicking in this April the days of...
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    Business Venture help

    Whats your degree in? There are several big reputable composite companys within commuting distance from your profile location. Most of which deal in motorsport and or high end road car, aerospace etc etc. Its a lucrative industru that pays alot better to work at an established company rather...