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  1. Mennell

    Order placed to get back in an Audi

    After having a few Audi’s in the past, with the arrival of a family we thought it was a good idea to go down the SUV route. We bought a 2017 VW Tiguan R-Line, but after a couple of years it’s time to get back in an Audi. We placed and order for a A4 BE 2.o (40)Tfsi S-tronic with Tech pack in...
  2. Mennell

    Handbrake not releasing, indicators and hazards playing up??

    Hi I'm just wondering if anyone can shed any light on what's happened today on my B8.5 Avant. Basically the car was running fine, got back in, turned ignition on and the first thing I noticed was that the indicator light on the dash is flashing faster than normal. I've had a walk around and...
  3. Mennell

    Newbie from Doncaster!

    Just a quick hello to eveyone, I've been viewing the forum for a while now but this is my first post. I'm just getting to grips with uploading pics so hope this works......