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  1. nervus

    For Sale Audi RS4/5 Winter Wheels and Tyres

    19" Official factory winter wheels with Pirelli Sottozero tyres. Rim: 8J x 19" ET26 Tyre: 235/40/19 PCD: 5 x 112 Centre Bore: 66.5mm No Kerbing or rash. There may be the odd very very minor stone chip. Come in factory bags and were ran for 1 Winter and 3,500 miles so the tyres have next to no...
  2. nervus

    For Sale A/S/RS5 Carbon Imports spoiler

    Rear boot lid spoiler finished in carbon fibre and matches factory parts weave. Fitted with 3M body work tape and replaces factory lip which is also easliy removed as only fitted with the same tape. £220 Posted, Or £200 collected (Northumberland).
  3. nervus

    For Sale S4/5, RS4/5 ECS Carbon Fibre ECU cover and airbox cover

    Imported from ECS USA, Airbox Lid - £75 Posted ECU Cover - £75 Posted
  4. nervus

    Engine bay dress up

    I'm now hanging out in here as the RS5 page is a ghost town, probably as a result of the low numbers sold. I don't know if A5/ S5 is the same as the RS but i've been bugged since day one with the plastic plugs on the top of the shock towers. They have holes in them and let all the crap from the...
  5. nervus

    Racing line paddles

    Hi, I finally got around to fitting these paddles. Major improvement over the factory plastic parts in my opinion:
  6. nervus

    B8 S4 - Water Temp problems

    Hi, Just got a 2009 s4 and had the Pulley and Belts changed and a mild map to 450hp. within a week, i've seen the water temperature rise above half way last night and only got it down by ramping the heating on max. The fans run constantly, and the coolant level is brim full in the bottle when...
  7. nervus

    New rear spoiler fitted

    Hi, Here is a few pictures of my new spoiler I fitted a while back. I Understand it could be a bit Marmite but I really like it and it matches the factory carbon perfectly.
  8. nervus

    Help - Steering Wheel Airbag removal?

    Does anyone know how to remove the Steering Wheel airbag on the FL? I need to get at the paddles. Cheers in advance! N
  9. nervus

    Oil and filter Change

    Ok, I've just changed the oil myself having reached 1000 miles. First off, my dealer wanted £19.50/ Litre of Castrol Edge RS 504. 507 5W 30w and quoted 8L required. I got 8L of the same oil from Opie Oils delivered to my door for £54 - lots of options from Opie but I thought i'd use the same as...
  10. nervus

    Has anybody actually had warranty work refused due to TD1?

    I just thought i'd throw this out there. I've always been super cautious and remove the mods before I go in but I wanted to know if anyone has actually been refused work due to mods? I've got a PFL and have had all kinds of problems: 5 sets of discs and pads on 10K miles Spark plug failures...
  11. nervus

    Any news on the Buckets?

    Any furrther iformation from anybody? I can't find any information on the bucket seat option rumoured to be available in Germany. Mine is going into bulid in January and will be gutted if these become available after that time.
  12. nervus

    Thinking of tuning - Cant understand why you wouldn't.

    MTM M-Cantronic removed! It made an instant difference but now its removed the step back feels like a bigger difference. In fact I dont want to drive the car at all now. Looking forward to the new RS3 and a new MTM box ;) The standard car has so much potential I cant understand why you arent...
  13. nervus

    Fuel pump leak

    If you get the odd wiff of fuel it may be worth checking your HPFP (High pressure fuel pump) for slight leaking. Its located at the top of the engine on the R.H.S. of the head under the engine cover. Audi technician mentioned they've had a few of these recently!
  14. nervus

    Pipercross panel filter

    Hi, as per the title, I've just received a Pipercross panel filter I ordered direct from their site. It looks really well made of triple density foam and is fantastic value at £35 delivered given its long life. I think this free flowing filter in the standard airbox will work as well if not...
  15. nervus

    S3 - RS TT/3 upgrade

    Well, I took a punt and bought some Brembo RS3 (8P) 4-pots and 370mm rotors! Be advised that it doesnt fit the 8VS3 The calipers bolt on and sit in the correct place but the offset on the rotors is wrong. it hits the lower wishbone and sits too far inboard on the caliper. the disc sits 5mm...
  16. nervus

    Phantom bulb failure warning

    I've got a warming on my DIS 'Bulb Failure' but having chcecked everything one I can't find a bulb out. I disconnected the battery for 10mins but the warning has been retained - argh! Its like being stuck in the 80's with f*cing xmas tree lights!! Any ideas how to reset this or what it could be?
  17. nervus

    Performance Exhausts

    Whats everyones thoughts: 1. MTM - Way over priced at £3k for a cat back and £4k for TBE 2. I quite like the Milltek but cant find any prices for it. 3. I'd buy a Scorpion today, looks and sounds great, good value but it's 5 - door only! 4. Cobra, looks rediculous as cans look Hoooge and...
  18. nervus

    Pics evenually

    Had many PMs about pic requests for the de-chrome wrapping, lowering springs and de-badge/ black badge so here goes!! Sorry it's filthy... edited as couldnt delete plate and wellmdocumented my modsmon here!,,,
  19. nervus

    Starting up speedo lights

    Anyone else noticed some S3's have red LEDs running around the outside of the Speedo which light up upon start up to follow the needle as it sweeps up and down? Mine doesnt have it but ive seen it on some videos. Can anyone shed any light (pardon the pun) - is it a european thing or change in...
  20. nervus

    S3 now on H&R lowering springs

    I fitted my H&R lowering springs today (supplied by GNJ motorsprt who provided an exceptional service - thanks again Graeme!!!) It took me approx. 3 hrs as im an amateur and needed to go for a couple of specialist tools (14mm spline drive bit and a hub/ strut spreader totalling £20)...