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  1. InvincibleA3

    Brake Fault - Can I Drive

    Hi All silly it may sound. I got the following faults on my car, can i still drive , especially on the motorway i drove back 30 miles home and all was good. AA did a checked and advised: U041500 - Communication with ABS / ESP signal improbable C123EFO - Hydrualic power assisted braking...
  2. InvincibleA3

    Dual Exit and Diffuser

    Hi All need someone to confirm whether i can do a dual exit on my Audi A4 B9 2.0 tdi. i wanted to facelift it with the dual exit on the newer shape and i have the parts but i ran into a problem. the oval tips doesnt fit on the opposite side as there is a black box , anyone know what this is ...
  3. InvincibleA3

    Audi a3 Rear lights coding (West Midlands)

    Hi Anyone in the West Midlands who can possibly fit my rear lights and code them I'm from West Bromwich so able to travel :) Thanks
  4. InvincibleA3

    West Midlands VAGCOM - FITTING REAR LIGHTS 2009

    Hi All i thought id post as no response from the midlands. I have purchased A3 Sportback Rear lights 2009+ Just wondering whether anyone can help me get them fitted ( if possible wired) if NOT then i will be happy to get the adapter. This will need to be coded with VAGCOM I am happy to...
  5. InvincibleA3

    Removal of a3 roof (3rd ) Brake Light

    Hi All need some guidance I've take off the plastic surround and now I'm stuck How do I remove the brake light , what screws or how do I go about getting access and removing looking to fit my s line roof spoiler tomorrow Hope this pic helps :)
  6. InvincibleA3

    S3 valance

    Hi can you give me a quote on just the s3 valance please i need the the one which comes in 2 separate parts and not the whole the part number : 8P4 807 434 G 1RR or 8P4 807 434 F � Valance should be be under £100 thank you
  7. InvincibleA3

    Audi a3 2.0tdi EGR VALVE

    TRied searching on here regarding the EGR valve I've got the dreaded P0401 - no loss of power etc ive read threads on the a4 but cdnt find anything on the a3 egr Does anyone have the part numbers for the seal if there is one on the a3 tdi Audi have said they have the gaskets but the seal...
  8. InvincibleA3

    Sportback Rear Bumper

    Hi all i am aware that the rear bumpers can be swapped for as long as they are from the 5 door before I splash the cash , will this bumper fit my sportback does not state 5 door 2013 8V3 rear bumper , will this fit ?
  9. InvincibleA3

    The A3 (SPORTBACK) Mods

    I'm looking to get a rear diffuser, roof spoiler , front as well as side skirts. ive searched around on here but can't seem to find anything on exact part numbers for my car unless I'm looking in the wrong place I've seen diffusers on eBay but wanting the correct one as well as genuine...
  10. InvincibleA3

    Hello All ! A3 TO BE

    Hi all Having read through most of the posts on here , i thought i mights as well introduce myself. Im hoping to get A3 this week but stuck between the 2 :( lol Ive looked throigh various threads on common faults and will keep them in mind So what have i chosen: 1) 2.0tdi sportback 2005...