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    I hate this day :(

    Last week Wednesday the 2nd, some idiot decided to wonder in his own world whilst driving and hit me during rush hour stationary traffic *bastar*!!  Even though I've requested for it to be repaired, apparently the insurance company will not repair it. Funny thing is the idiot worked for the...
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    80mm intake pipe fitting problems?

    I bought one few weeks ago and I must say its a very good design, not to mention strong! (UKDM S3)
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    19" bbs lm

    Whats the highest J you can run on a s3? is 8.5j inchfront okay with 9.5j on the rear okay? or whats the maximum you can go without needing spacers and longer bolts etc
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    Local garage fitted new TIP and now problems :(

    Is this right pal Picture 3 shows a pipe into the TIP. This is where I pressume the part which broke should have gone right? BTW rang Audi and they said I would have to wait 14 days for that little part so I bodged it as you can see for the time being. This is what I've done Can...
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    Local garage fitted new TIP and now problems :(

    Thanks Benjamin for your help. I'm going to try this in the next few minutes and see what happens.
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    Local garage fitted new TIP and now problems :(

    If someone could post close up pics of their TIP installed or help me with the right connections, I'd be very grateful Engine code is AMK
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    Local garage fitted new TIP and now problems :(

    (im pretty sure the little pipe as you can see to the right of the TIP is from the actuator on the turbo?)
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    Local garage fitted new TIP and now problems :(

    Bought a silicone TIP on monday from creationmotorsport in birmingham and finally got the local garage to fit it for me yesterday morning however, I think they've fitted the N75 & boost pipes in the wrong places as well as leaving two empty holes in the TIP where some pipe work should go...
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    Audi S3 MAF readings

    FIRST PULL SECOND PULL Although I didn't follow the '3rd gear' pull as I did not discover the thread at time of testing, I will however give it a little go tomorrow morning on my way to work
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    Audi S3 MAF readings

    BUMP Apologies for hijacking this thread lol however, I've logged a maximum of 156.75gs..I'm guessing this must either mean a faulty MAF or a boost leak ?
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    MAF Gs Question/Boost

    Cheers pal yeah I'm probs going to do that on Tuesday as I'm out tomorrow. I was thinking it maybe that but could be other things...
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    My thermostat problem..

    I think there should be a sticky on this related to low temperature readings! coolant temperature sensor and thermostat (change at same time)
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    MAF Gs Question/Boost

    I'm just thinking that I'm currently using normal unleaded (95 ron) that is why the ECU self adjusted the boost to a lower amount? Only thing left on my 'to do list' is fuel filter and MAF
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    MAF Gs Question/Boost

    I've disconnected the MAF currently and I'm going to take the car for a short spin shortly and re-log MAF values. I remember on a previous JAP car being told that if I disconnect the MAF with the engine running, it should cut out and if it doesn't, it means the MAF is not working and the ECU is...
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    MAF Gs Question/Boost

    Sorry forgot to put its a AUDI S3 210 AMK. Only mods are cone air filter and aftermarket recirc valve Recently had FULL service including coilpack,plugs, oil etc etc
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    MAF Gs Question/Boost

    I've recently felt my car is underpowered and I'm leaning towards the MAF maybe tired or boost leak? If you look at the graph which I've logged using my laptop, it says that I've made a max of 140.50 gs..Could someone convert that for me into BHP please also what formula do I use to convert...
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    S3 facelift Xenon bulbs

    <br> <br><br><br><br>I've got a pair of oem philips d2s s3 bulbs at home. Only removed because I upgraded to 5k.<br> <br>PM me if you're interested
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    Tech advice needed regarding S3 8L

    Some of you may have recently seen my thread about the engine temperature etc and would just like to add that vehicle is all running well now after having changed the thermostat and coolant temp sensor. I've currently booked myself in to get a custom down pipe made on monday. I've owned about 5...
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    S3 revving when cold

    mine did this before I replaced the coolant temperature sensor (g62) high 1k normal
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    S3 heater problems after new stat and coolant - alternating hot then cold...

    Just thought I'd add that today I had the lovely opportunity lol of changing the stat on my AMK S3. It was a aftermarket parkers part and ALL I CAN SAY IS WOWWWWWWWW!!!! I am so happy with the heat now it is unbelievable!! it actually sits at 90 and doesn't move whether the heaters are on full...