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  1. Vanessa

    Replacing chorus stereo, what bests suits my needs?

    Hi Guys, I have an a3 2009. With a chorus stereo. I don't use the cd, as all my music is on my iphone, I don't listen to the radio as it is rubbish, too many adverts. I have no aux in my car and no bluetooth facility. All I want to do is listen to my music via bluetooth if possible. I...
  2. Vanessa

    Rubber restorer

    Hi the rubber trims on my a3 are going a bit grey. Can anyone recommend a product to make them black again. I have some rubber restorer but it does not change the colour.
  3. Vanessa

    How can I tell if the cambelt has been changed?

    Hi Guys, I have a receipt to say my cambelt and water pump was changed last August, before I owned the car. (Kit de distribution). For anyone wanting to learn French The receipt is for approx 700 euros which is about right here for the job. The reason I am questioning it, is because...
  4. Vanessa

    Should I still change the control flap.

    Hi Guys, A couple of weeks ago I had a problem with my car stuttering at 50mph for about 10 second, then all fine. Glow plug light flashing. so checked the maf and cleaned (if you remember there was a gap at the side of the maf, which should not be there. Due to wrong filter housing...
  5. Vanessa

    Rear Fog light wiring repair. Advice please.

    Hi Guys, I have had this intermittent rear fog light warning light on most of the time on my dash. It sometimes goes off but not for long. So as I was fed up of seeing it and I had already changed the bulb to no avail, I decided yesterday to investigate further, I have two rear fog lights...
  6. Vanessa

    What Type of Audi do you have and why?

    Hi Guys. I have an A3 Cabriolet. why because we get 300 days of sunshine a year, so have lots of days the top can be down and I still have boot space for my shopping.:yes:
  7. Vanessa

    Swift and pigeon pooh. So fed up.

    Hi Guys, I have an a3 cabriolet, I have lots of pigeons living next door and lots of swifts flying over my car. They are crapping all over my roof. The pigeons sh..t is massive, and the swift sh..t is purple, I am assuming this is because the swifts eat so many berries, is there something I...
  8. Vanessa

    Fuel filter what make should I buy

    Hi .guys, so I am looking to change my fuel filter as I don't think it has been change in a while. I have seen lots of makes, is there a particular make that I should be buying. I know I need the correct one for the car, but there seems to be lots of different makes on the market.
  9. Vanessa

    Best repair for black leather seat.

    I have a problem with my rear leather seat, it is not a hole as it does not go all the way through the leather. here is a photo Any suggestion on how to repair it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Vanessa

    spent 4hrs cleaning and polishing my car, I never cleaned my last car. Am I mad?

    So had my a3 for about six weeks, I never even cleaned my last car. The car wash did. I think I am becoming a bit obsessed. When I bought the car, I don't think it had been very well looked after as the interior and exterior was in a bad state. Still have lots to do and will be posting...
  11. Vanessa

    What's the policing on the roads like in your area.

    Hi guys, so where I live we don't have many speed cameras, we have little flashing signs that show you your speed, if your speeding you get a sad face flash at you, if you then slow down before you reach the post you get a big smiley face and a little note says happy driving. These seem to...
  12. Vanessa

    What's is like driving around your town/village

    I live in a little village in the south if France. On a typical day my car is nearly involved in at least 3 accidents a day, if I did not treat all the motorists as idiots and expect them to,do the unexpected. I think my car would be totaled. Yesterday I was sitting at the lights at a little...
  13. Vanessa

    Can anyone tell me what this is in English

    Audi have just sent me a quote to have this replaced. The quote is 445 euros. It is called a volet regulateur in French Volet régulateur accouplé à la vanne EGR. 038128063G, 038128063L 038128063M, 038128063F 7.14393.26.0 Can an anyone...
  14. Vanessa

    Turbo intake help

    I have an audi a3 cabriolet 2009. as previously posted it stutters for about 20 seconds at around 50mph. Then clears and drive normally no matter how long you drive the car for. the glow plug light comes on when this happens, but when you turn the engine off and on again the light goes out...
  15. Vanessa

    Maf cleaned this morning. Is this gap at the side normal.

    I cleaned my maf this morning, as car has a stutter and thought it would not harm to clean it. I have never done it before. All cleaned but when I put it back together I noticed a gap at the side, is this normal. Also I used electrical contact cleaner, do I need to leave it for a certain...
  16. Vanessa

    Service Bulletin jan 2014

    I just found this on the net. This is exactly what my A3 2009 is doing. I understand that Audi won't repair this for free as it's not life threatening. But hopefully when I call them this morning. They will be able to tell me how to rectify it and the costs. 2009 Audi A3 (pws) Service...
  17. Vanessa

    Diagnostic link error on A/T scan, help please.

    Hi I bought a little diagnostic machine, as I know there is a problem with my car, it has a slight stutter for about 10 - 20 seconds when first driving at about 70kms p/hr. Then all is fine, but the glow plug light comes on and stays on, although it does go out when I have turned the...
  18. Vanessa

    What do you legally have to carry in your car in the UK?

    I live in France and we have to have the following in the car. Inside the car log book original not a copy insurance document original safety jackets at least two triangle spare bulb kit displayed on the screen of the car. ticket showing when mot runs out ticket showing insurance and number...
  19. Vanessa

    Difference between owning a car in France and the UK.

    Hi Guys, i have an Audi A3 2009 1.9TDI In France. MOT. Every two years called a control technique in France. No road tax, but we have to pay every time we use the autoroute. We do have to pay a one of car registration tax when we buy the car whether new or second hand. when selling a...
  20. Vanessa

    Where do you all live.

    Hi I live in the South of France. Been here for 13 years.