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    Audi A3/8V 1.4TFSI S-Line

    Probably best you dont if you want to be covered...
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    New S4 order

    Certainly fast estates are getting rarer as SUVs get more common - I increased my rarity value by avoiding white, black or grey (or blue). Must be almost unique now!!
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    New S4 order

    They dont bother me - reverse park everywhere, in drivers seat when with it, and so much easier to clean. The OTT exhausts were one of things that put me off the Macan GTS I nearly bought - and of course the previous diesel SQ5... Discretion is important to me - less likely to get idiots trying...
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    New S4 order

    Personally think the new SQ5 is so much better looking than the old (S)Q5 - but I am a bit biased. I wouldnt give up the high driving position and rarity of SQ5 myself but the S4 is a great car.