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  1. royjk

    RNS-E Mk2 Instruction Manual

    Hi Wondering if by any chance anybody got an Instruction Manual for the Mk2 RNS-E in pdf or know where I can get one. Or even buy a new one. My Audi tells me that they are not available to buy. Thanks Roy
  2. royjk

    A3 Hood

    Well it seems Audi Germany has at long last resolved the problem with wear on the hood of the A3 Cabrio. I have been waiting for over nine months for my car to be recalled to have a new hood fitted, job being done when I return from my hols at end of Sept.:applaus:
  3. royjk


    Hi Interested to know if anybody has used Celtic Tuning for a remap.
  4. royjk

    Dead Pixels

    Hi Has anybody had problems with dead pixels showing on tthe RNSE unit I have about five at present that have only recently shown up. Having my glove box CD changer removed Sat & having a DVD player fitted in its place that has a usb imput fitted enabling a portable hard drive to be used with...
  5. royjk

    DVD Player

    Hi I am considering replacing my CD changer with a DVD player, have decided on either the Alpine DVE52007 or the Ampire DVX101. I know the Alpine will display MP3 tags on the RNSE but I can't find enough info on the Ampire on whether it will display MP3 tags or not. At the moment I prefer the...
  6. royjk

    DVD Changer

    Hi All I am looking to replace my Audi CD Changer for a DVD Changer that will fully intergrate with RNS-E any ideas where I can get one.
  7. royjk


    Hi All Just had an FBMFSW fitted & I must say I would highly recomend a great improvement on the old MFSW, now if only I could do something about those DSG paddles.:kissmyrings:
  8. royjk

    A3 Cabrio Pics

  9. royjk


    Help a thicko please trying to post some pics
  10. royjk

    A3 Cabrio Pics

  11. royjk

    A3 Cabriolet

    Well having had on order since 3 March, I collected from my local dealer yesterday afternoon, it has been well worth the delay as I am so very very much pleased with it. Was a little conncerned as it was my second A3 but my first S-Line & having read loads of people moaning about the suspension...
  12. royjk

    A3 Cabriolet

    Need to have an A3 Cabriolet Section
  13. royjk

    A3 Cabriolet

    Had a A3 Cabriolet for half day test drive yesterday 2.0 TFSI with Stronic. ****** FANTASIC. Can't wait to take delivery of my Cabrio S Line.:hubbahubba:
  14. royjk

    A3 Cabriolet

    Have just changed the spec for my S line Cabriolet to include the Magnetic Ride so will probably have to expect a June delivery instead of May end. :hubbahubba:
  15. royjk


    Hi Folks First posting, just sold my A3 2.0 TDI DSG & awaiting delivery of new A3 2.0 TDI DSG Sline Cabriolet.:hubbahubba: