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    A8/S8 wheels - Will they fit a B5?

    My bad, didn't realise they were 16s - although I did think they looked a bit puny :sorry:
  2. J

    A8/S8 wheels - Will they fit a B5?

    There's some on ebay for £300 at the mo - I posted a link to them in the ebay finds thread...
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    new record!

    Not round here they're not Mark - I had a nice set of metal ones, they lasted two days and got nicked. Put black platic ones on, after just less than a week, they were nicked. I refuse to keep the little turds in dust caps so I don't have any at all on now. Doesn't help having a skate park with...
  4. J

    Hi Mileage? Whatcha got....bring it!

    Just clicked past 152k, also on a 95 1.8 n/a.
  5. J

    rear spoiler?

    And the work in progress pic:
  6. J

    rear spoiler?

    I got one of the german ebay lip spoliers. Think it was about £30-£40 delivered, already sprayed but I've had it smoothed into the bootlid now though.
  7. J

    Removing parcel shelf from saloon

    I took the rear seat backrest off as mine's not split/fold then the shelf slid forward
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    hi all, new to site.....

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    Excellent news! Glad the pups are back where they belong. Now to put your other baby back where she belongs - on the road!!
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    Hub Bolt Torque

    It depends on the size of your hub bolt apparently: M14 bolt = 115Nm (85 lb/ft) + further 180 degrees M16 bolt = 190Nm (140 lb/ft) + 180 degrees Courtesy of Haynes' finest!!
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    Wankers! I'm not far from you fella (Blackburn) so if I hear owt about the pups I'll let you know asap. I'm unable to help on the parts from too but if you need any other help, feel free to give me a shout.
  12. J

    Infamous Climate Control

    As well as having the well known display problem with the climate control unit, it's current mission, which it has started to undertake with some gusto, is trying to put me in a cryogenic state. I've managed to find a replacement unit on ebay as i'm not too crash hot with a soldering iron...
  13. J

    Suspension Control Arms

    WTF???? Has it sheared off or is there just nothing there?
  14. J

    Finally, A Readable Instrument Cluster

    He's in Honk Kong mate...
  15. J

    Exhaust centrebox removal

    YHCjmCxwTyk Stainless system with centre silencer removed and 200 cell sports cat (think my mate got a bit carried away with the revving though ha ha!)
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    The hole is deffo where the cup holders should be on a pre-facelift. Like Blue Thunder said though - they're neither use nor ornament.
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    Not usually a fan of green motors but that is very nice :beerchug:
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    A6 onto A4 will go! Almost! Pics!

    I've got 235/45s on my 17s, they're 7.5J with 45 offset and no spacers - no problems. Snug, but no problems with clearance of the struts. Likewise my 18s are 235/40s, 8J with 42 offset, no spacers - again no problems.
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    Airbaglight - yellow contact?

    Fair point. I know there was a recall on the A4 for the earth on the wheel airbag as mine had to go in for it ('95 1.8). Strangely enough that has a yellow connector too...